Paris Creperie, Coolidge Corner

I am not really a brunch kind of gal, but I figured I would brunch it up today because it's SUNDAY FUN-DAY (and I am hungover).

My friends and I went to Paris Creperie on Harvard Ave in Coolidge Corner earlier today for some delicious crepes. When I say delicious, I mean freakin' delicious! I ordered a Nutella Canoli Crepe with fresh strawberries and brown sugar. MM MM GOOD!

The place was pretty packed but it wasn't the annoying kind of packed where you can't hear yourself talking. Space is limited but it's kind of nice. Makes you feel like you're in Paris - that's probably why it's called Paris Creperie. Anyway, I had a very pleasant brunch and might make this a Sunday ritual. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I may have found a place where the iced coffees are better than Dunkin Donuts!

I highly recommend this cute little place. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!


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