Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

October 29, 2011

Golden Temple, Washington Square

So it's been a very busy but hectic week since I have come back, but at the end of the day, all that matters is I'M BACK IN BOSTON BABY! Haven't written in a while as I have been so busy pretending to be Martha Stewart and furnishing, decorating, and embellishing my room to perfection. However, Thursday night, I took a break for dinner and went to Golden Temple with one of my good friends.

Golden Temple is an upscale Chinese restaurant located in Washington Square. I have passed this place a million times but never had the urge to go in but my friend and I were really craving Chinese food so Golden Temple it was!

The restaurant is actually very beautiful. The ceilings are interesting. Everything was very pretty. Maybe I can convince my boss to have our annual holiday party here! The food was good - nothing exceptional or innovative but it was good. Wasn't doused in MSG like other Chinese restaurants in the area. It definitely hit the spot. Surprisingly, it was not as expensive as I expected it to be.

I don't have much more to say. Overall, Golden Temple is a solid Chinese restaurant - definitely a good place to have in my neighborhood when I don't feel like cooking. If you're in the mood for non-guilty Chinese food in the Brookline area, I recommend Golden Temple.

October 23, 2011

Re-converting To A Bostonian

It's my last night living in NYC and I can't help but be so excited to go back to my city and the lifestyle that I left behind and loved so much.

Although it was very short-lived, living in New York City has taught me a few things...
1. I really am the converted Bostonian
2. The fast pace in NYC is too fast for me
3. Just because NYC is supposedly the best city in the world doesn't mean that everyone is going to love it
4. Bostonians really take for granted how clean the T is
5. Sushi is better and cheaper in NYC
6. The sense of community is so monumental... hence why I love Boston so much

NYC was fun but it's not something I want to live in everyday. I am excited to visit NYC though as I am now more familiar with things and places than I was before. However, I can't wait to go home tomorrow. See all of you Bostonians on the flip side! Farewell New York... ciao!

October 18, 2011

The Beehive, South End

On Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend and I went to brunch at The Beehive located on Tremont Street in the lovely South End. The Beehive is definitely one of a kind in Boston. The Beehive offers delicious food, drinks and live entertainment. When you walk in, the first floor looks like a typical Bostonian casual restaurant/bar but... the real magic is downstairs. The stairs lead you to an underground level filled colors, candles, and exuberance. The clandestine area is where musicians from all over come to entertain Bostonians as they munch away on delicious eats and socialize with their friends and families.
I am so excited to move back to Boston but now I am even more excited to come back to The Beehive and listen to live jazz as I stuff myself with Bostonian seafood. YUM! I definitely recommend Beehive. I wish more places in Boston offered live musical entertainment - makes eating and drinking that much more fun! Anyway, I like Beehive, you should too ;) Ciao!

Welcome to the Blogosphere Sis!

I want to welcome my sister Sabrina Diana to the blogosphere. She recently started her own blog on WordPress where she rants about random but important happenings in pop culture, politics, and offers funny insights into her own interesting life.

Sabrina Diana is not only my sister but one of my best friends. She and I are very different and it's pretty evident when you read our blogs LOL. But I envy and admire her as she is hilarious, intelligent, witty and has Kim Kardashian hair - not to mention she can pull off the newest trend of having feathers in your hair with finesse. Check out her blog "Words From a Bottled-Up Looney..."

Hotel Veritas, Harvard Square

Amenities, amenities, amenities.

In my opinion, amenities are usually what make or break hotel experiences. While on my apartment hunt in Boston this past week, I had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Veritas - easily the nicest hotel in the Cambridge area. Hotel Veritas is located in Harvard Square with easy access to all the action.

From the outside, the hotel looks like a Victorian house. It's hard to believe that the beautiful hotel is inside. I remember when I first walked in, I was absolutely smitten by the interior design of the boutique hotel. In such limited space, the architects/designers were able to create a schnazzy and sophisticated ambience which made you feel like you were in a luxury hotel in London. Upon completing the check-in process, the staff member offered me orange or cranberry juice - I thought that was a nice little touch.

The rooms are obviously just as beauteous as the lobby. I love the color scheme which includes shades of grey, pink, purple, & pewter. The room was dressed in the best Hotel Collection linens. The room was equipped with an au courant television and iHome convenient for charging your phone or iPod. However, it was the smallest amenity that was the icing on the cake for me during my stay. The rooms are fully stocked with Etro toiletries. If you are familiar with luxury bath and body products, you know that Etro is good stuff.

Even though my apartment search in Boston was nightmarish, Hotel Veritas was able to make my evenings relaxing with the cozy atmosphere it offers. I wish I had time to check out The Simple Truth lounge - but I'm sure it's equally as lovely as everything else in the hotel. Oh! How could I forget - you also get free access to the gym at Karma Yoga across the street. How convenient. I love staying at hotels and am always critical of amenities and the whole experience. Hotel Veritas excelled in providing the highest level of hospitality. HIGHLY recommend the hotel for anyone looking to stay in Boston. It is small but very sleek and trendy. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Hotel Veritas for making my stay in Boston as pleasant as it could possibly be and for the generous rate. xoxo

To learn more about the hotel, click here!

Theme Song: Our Remains by Bitter:Sweet

October 14, 2011

Deux Ave Part Deux, Back Bay

So, I've been in Boston since Tuesday night hunting for an apartment so I can be once again reunited with the love of my life. And boy oh boy has it been an unpleasant visit so far in terms of finding a place. Hence, I was in absolute need of a drink and delicious food to relieve my stress. What better place than the beautiful Deux Ave in Back Bay I thought.

I have to say that Deux Ave is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. The ambience as I have mentioned in my initial post about Deux Ave is impeccable and definitely one of the most beautiful of the restaurants in Boston in my opinion. Every time I come here, I always find myself in awe of the decor. It is just so classy, sophisticated, and pretty.

I wouldn't say that I am too much of a foodie. Like I obviously love to eat but I am not very experimental with my food. You know when you watch shows like Top Chef or that Gordon Ramsey one and the contestants come up with these crazy dishes with all different flavours, using vegetables you've never even heard of and you can't help but wonder, "how the hell is that going to taste?" Of course, that's how I feel whenever I go to these fancy restaurants because the names and descriptions of the dishes are intimidating. BUT, Christopher Coombs, co-owner & executive chef of Deux Ave, clearly knows what he's cooking. Every week, he comes up with a brilliant menu of mouthwatering dishes. He is truly a talented artist in his craft. I ordered a dish that consisted of so many different flavours with fear of how it was all going to come together. Oh it came together alright. I finished my food in a good 5 minutes! Oops..

The other element that always impresses me at Deux Ave is that every member of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies and history of each dish. I was listening closely to one of the staff members who was educating the table adjacent to mine about the origin of the sword fish that Deux Ave includes in their menu. Really fascinating to see staff so passionate about their jobs.

Anyway, I obviously had a fabulous experience here as always. If you've not been to Deux Ave already you must go. And if you have already been, you must go again. I would rank it in my top 5 favorites in Boston for sure. Ciao bellas. xoxo...

October 09, 2011

Empire Hotel Rooftop, Lincoln Center

In efforts to make the best out of the remainder of my time in New York City, I have decided to party at all the places that I was excited about partying at before I moved here. One such place is the rooftop at the Empire Hotel.

I have heard many good things about this place so I just had to go myself to experience it. First of all, last night was one of those rare October evenings where it was about 75 degrees at 10pm, so it was the perfect night to take advantage of a rooftop lounge before winter comes soon. My friend and I got there on the earlier side to ensure a table and not waiting in line.

When we got upstairs, it was expectedly close to empty. As time passed by however, the place began filling up. The view of the city from the rooftop here is UNREAL! It was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. And looking down at the beautifully lit and happening Lincoln Center added to the charm.

We met a lot of interesting people last night. And when I say interesting, I mean interestingggg if ya know what I mean lol. There was definitely something missing though. Ah! Light bulb lit in my brain. It was Yom Kippur - all of the hot Jewish men were missing! Makes sense, makes sense. Oh well - it was still fun.

I am sure if you're a New Yorker, you've probably already been here so I am not going to recommend it. It's almost like suggesting a New Yorker to visit the Empire State Building. BUT, if you are not a resident of the city and have intentions of visiting during warm weather, I highly recommend this venue. Glad I finally got to come here and experience it for myself. Next time, I'll be sure not to come during the high holidays ;) Ciao!

Back to Beantown Baby!

As Carrie Bradshaw best put it - her most successful relationship til date was the one she shared with NYC. For me, it's with Boston.

This may or may not come as a shock to some of you but... I've decided to move back to Boston!

After almost 2 months in NYC and away from my love Boston, I have realized that New York City is not the place where I want to live and Boston is. I hold NYC in very high regards but it is just not for me. Partying, yes. Living, no. Truth is, I never really became a New Yorker because I am way too attached to Boston. Oops.

New York, it's been real but I couldn't be happier with my decision to move back. Boston... Flower is coming home and round 2 will be much crazier! Can't wait to see all of my favorite Bostonians on the flipside ;) ciao. xoxo...

October 01, 2011

Baraonda, Upper East Side

Last night, I went to a cute little Italian restaurant on the corner of 75th and 2nd in the Upper East Side with a friend of mine for dinner and cocktails. This restaurant is so picturesque. I felt like I was a part of a huge Picasso painting. So colourful and so many interesting paintings of characters. I ordered a grilled octopus dish with string beans and potatoes all garnished in lemon. Yum! It was so delicious and healthy. I didn't feel like an oompa loompa afterward. I will keep it short just because I don't really have anything negative to say, haha. The food was lovely, the drinks were a little overpriced but I guess that is NYC for ya. The manager was hot - added bonus. I definitely recommend this restaurant if you're looking for a fun little scene and intricate scrumptious Italian cuisine!