The Beehive, South End

On Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend and I went to brunch at The Beehive located on Tremont Street in the lovely South End. The Beehive is definitely one of a kind in Boston. The Beehive offers delicious food, drinks and live entertainment. When you walk in, the first floor looks like a typical Bostonian casual restaurant/bar but... the real magic is downstairs. The stairs lead you to an underground level filled colors, candles, and exuberance. The clandestine area is where musicians from all over come to entertain Bostonians as they munch away on delicious eats and socialize with their friends and families.
I am so excited to move back to Boston but now I am even more excited to come back to The Beehive and listen to live jazz as I stuff myself with Bostonian seafood. YUM! I definitely recommend Beehive. I wish more places in Boston offered live musical entertainment - makes eating and drinking that much more fun! Anyway, I like Beehive, you should too ;) Ciao!


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