Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

June 27, 2011

Khayyam Restaurant. Brookline

Even though the thought of a Persian sickens me (if you know me, you know why), I have to admit, the food is pretty damn good.

For dinner tonight, I ordered take out from a Persian restaurant called Khayyam on Harvard Ave. I ordered lamb kebabs with rice. Ugh it was so good I ate the whole thing and the portion was HUGE! I'm telling you, these Persians bring out the worst in me LOL.

Anyway, this place has a belly dancer on Thursday and Friday nights. I am curious to see what it is like. Now that I have a serious case of the itis, I can't type anymore. If you want good Persian food and want to fall into a food coma shortly after, eat at Khayyam. Time for a nap...

Theme Song: Some random Persian song I LOVE! Have a listen...

Crispy Crepes Cafe, Audubon Circle

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the hiatus - a lot has happened in the past 10ish days. But, nothing stops me from eating lol

I'd like to call today Middle Eastern cuisine day. Never in my life, have I indulged in so much delicious Middle Eastern food in one day. It all started when one of my colleagues suggested we go to the local shawarma place for lunch. I thought "ok, why not?"

For those of you who do not know what shawarma is, it's basically heaven in your mouth. Haha. A more precise definition: "is a Middle Eastern and Southeastern European sandwich-like wrap of shaved lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a halal mixture of meats. The meat is placed on a spit, and may be grilled for as long as a day. Chunks of fat within the meat ensure that the shawarma stays juicy." (Wikipedia is usually not a reliable source but this seems just about right)

As you can see, I ordered a lamb&beef shawarma which was embellished with glazed onions, tomatoes, and parsley. OMG Was it scrumptious! It was so delicious that I was tempted to order another one but my fat ass reminded me of why I should resist. Not only was the food top quality, the staff was very nice and the decor of the cafe made you feel like you were at a cafe in Marrakech.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this wonderful little spot in Brookline/BU area. I couldn't help it, but I took home a sweet crepe for dessert. I ate the giant crepe in 2 minutes :) PS. The owner has notified me that the restaurant will be offering some crazy deal this week on Check it out!

Theme Song: Ella Habiby by Amr Diab

June 18, 2011

Bistro du Midi, Boston Common

Yesterday after work, some friends and I went to Bistro du Midi on Boylston Street which overlooks the beautiful Boston Common. I had been wanting to go this adorable, European-style restaurant for a long time now and yesterday seemed like the perfect day.

We sat outside on the patio, which offers slightly uncomfortable seating, but it was still lovely. We drank exotic colourful drinks and nibbled on delicious, over-priced appetizers that weren't that yummy. Whatever! When in Rome, right?

In conclusion, this place is absolutely lovely. The decor, the drinks, the "foreign-ness" altogether immediately transport you from Boston to Paris. I would definitely come back here again especially upstairs where there is a beautiful dining room for long, sit-down dinners. Anyway, that is all for now. I definitely recommend you all to go here for fruity cocktails on the patio during a warm summer night. CIAO! xoxo

Theme Song: Aganju by Bebel Gilberto

June 12, 2011

Chill Frozen Yogurt, Cleveland Circle

As I am eating frozen yogurt right now at 9:21am on Sunday morning (which would probably be considered abnormal), I wanted to blog about the greatest place in Cleveland Circle.

This place is called Chill. It's located right next to the famous Roggies on Chestnut Hill Avenue. I know there are plenty of "froyo" places in Boston now, but how many of them deliver to your house? That's right. They deliver to YOUR HOUSE! lol

I feel guilty that I have been trying to take advantage of it because I live literally 1 block away and I am just so lazy - but if the service is there, why not!

Anyway, if you live near BC and want frozen yogurt delivered to your house, call Chill. It's the greatest idea ever!

June 05, 2011

Audubon, Brookline

I went to Audubon this evening for dinner with a few friends.

I work across the street from this place and have been dying to check it out cause I always hear such great things about it. Although it was slow, it was every bit of how people have described it to me. Small, cozy, and chic. I like that it is casual but still maintains a somewhat classy environment.

We ate in their backyard which was very cute. The food was ok. A little overpriced in my opinion. The waitress was very nice. I was not interested in eating the dessert item on their menu but needed something sweet so she gave me some of her gummie bears which was very nice of her.

I will definitely come back to Audubon. Not for the food though. Perfect after work place. Definitely an upgrade from the overrated Beacon Street Tavern a few buildings down! Hope everyone has a great work week!

Anthem Kitchen & Bar, Fanieul Hall

Last night, we started our evening at Anthem Kitchen & Bar in Faneuil Hall. I may have only been there for a 1/2 hour before I decided it wasn't my scene with the giant televisions airing the Bruins game. Let's just say, I enjoy going to bars and lounges where people actually mingle rather than stare at the tv getting frustrated one minute and then screaming with excitement the next.
Not much to say about this place. Lovely location and decor. My sour apple martini was extremely strong which is always a good thing LOL. I guess I will have to come back here for a real evaluation when there isn't some kind of athletic event going on. Also, I think I will like this place during the day. Just a thought. Ciao!

Beaucage Salon & Spa, Newbury Street

Yesterday morning I finally mustered up the courage to do what I have been looking forward to doing for the last 6 months - BEYONCIFY my hair! For the warm season, I like to change my hair color to very warm brown and blonde. This might be the blondest I have ever gone, but I LOVE IT! I already feel so much more fun and wilder ;)

I decided to have this major change done at Beaucage on Newbury Street. I had heard good things about the salon and their prices weren't outrageous like some other venues on La Rue de Newbury. My stylist was a lovely, red-headed young lady named Lauren. Lauren spent 3.75 hours with me in the salon to ensure that we both got the look on me that we wanted.

When I first checked in at the salon, it was packed! I was worried that I would get lost in the crowd and they wouldn't give me the attention I needed and wanted. However, I was wrong as every member of the staff at Beaucage goes out of their way to make sure that their clients are satisfied.

Even though by the end of my experience here I was exhausted (3.75 hours is a long time! I was hungry and sleepy :() I am really pleased with Beaucage! I recommend Lauren to someone who wants to go from one end of the hair color spectrum to the other! She is thorough, meticulous, and a perfectionist. I need to go in for a touch-up on Saturday to get the last bits of orange out of my hair, hopefully I won't be there for as long as I was yesterday!

PS. Take advantage of their June & July promotion which is a free eyebrow waxing with any facial purchase. I know for a fact that Beaucage is a gold standard location for eyebrows!
PSS. Check out the before and after!