Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have to be honest, New Years is definitely NOT my favorite holiday, BUT, I know tonight will be a fabulous time which you can count on reading about tomorrow.

A general round-up of my 2010: it was not one of the best years for sure, HOWEVER, I did graduate from Boston University which I would recognize as a great accomplishment and I got an awesome job which will really take me a long way. Even though this year kind of sucked, I am taking something valuable from each and every shitty event - a lesson. I feel wiser and more mature. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes going through rough times to gain these priceless personality traits.

2011 is going to be a fabulous year. My inner Flower, aka my intuition, is already telling me to keep my chin up and maintain positivity because 2011 belongs to me. Big things are going to happen - I hope that not only for myself, but for everyone. Here is to a promising upcoming year. Happy New Year to everyone all over the world. BE SAFE! xoxo.

PS. If I could celebrate New Years Eve anywhere in the world right now, it would be Dubai!

December 29, 2010

TopShop in Boston

TOPSHOP... Boston wants nothing more than for you to open a store in this wealthy, young, fashionista-infested city! I promise you will profit beyond belief here. I say we get rid of Urban Outfitters on Newbury Street and get one of these! YAY or NAY?

December 27, 2010

On an Aside... [WTF!?]

As a result of being bored on a snow day, I came across something very disturbing while browsing PerezHilton. Word has it that Hugh Hefner, 84, has proposed to his girlfriend Crystal Harris, 24, of 2 years. Wait, WHAT? That girl is effing 60 years younger than him! She can actually be his grand daughter. Now, I am the last person to judge age difference, but there is a freakin' limit. 60 years is plain DISGUSTING! What do they even talk about?

December 26, 2010

Blow Me Blizzard!

Unless you've been hibernating, then you are already well aware of this awful blizzard that has hit the Northeast. In the recent years, meteorologists have pretty much always been completely off with their weather predictions, so naturally, when I heard a blizzard was going to hit, I was like "YEAH RIGHT!"
I went to New York this weekend to spend some quality time with my family. My original plans were to leave this afternoon (Sunday) so that I could make it back to Boston in time and not be exhausted for work tomorrow. As soon as I saw the flurries flurrying down in Brooklyn, I was like "SHIIIITTTTT...I need to bounce!" I hopped on the subway [for the 2nd time in my life] and jetted to Chinatown.

First of all, Chinatown is like a foreign country in New York City. You tend to forget you're still in Manhattan. Secondly, I had to race through the snowy, slippery sidewalks of Canal St. to make the noon bus at Fung Wah. Yeah, I took the Fung Wah Bus, whatever.

Obviously, I missed the 12 o'clock bus but was able to get on the 12:30 one. Long story short, it took 8 miserable hours to get back to Boston. I was swamped in between obese people who were chowing down on their fast foods the whole ride down. I was nauseous, cranky, and my butt was hurting. In total, my trip back was ABSOLUTELY NIGHTMARISH! Lesson to be learned, trust meteorologists sometimes...and plan in advance.

There was once a time when snow used to bring the happiest moments in my childhood. Now, it's just annoying, inconvenient, and completely overrated.

However, I am pleased that find out that I do not have to go into work tomorrow. My body has a whole day to recover. Now, I will be enjoying the rest of my evening drinking my wine, eating delicious Thai food, and watching episodes of Sex and the City. Sounds as close to perfection as I can get to right now in this weather condition.

Hope everyone is relaxing, keeping warm, and enjoying being snowed in. Ciao!

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas to everyone celebrating! Hope everyone received what they wished for from Santa! xoxo Peace.and.Love.
P.S. I have already watched The Christmas Story twice today. Never gets old. LOVE Ralphie!

December 21, 2010

Beacon Hill Athletic Club, Greater Boston Area

In particular, I was looking for a facility with dance classes and what not. Surprisingly, Beacon Hill Athletic Club is affordable and has wonderful classes to offer and it's only 5 minutes away from my place! Tonight, I took advantage of the Zumba class, instructed by a hot tamale named Ketty. Boy did she kick my ass and I liked it! I left the class feeling empowered and ready get back into shape. Her soulful dance routines made me feel like a member of Eddie Torres Latin Dance Company!

I highly recommend this Zumba instructor for anyone looking to lose weight while having a blast at the sam time. And, I also recommend Beacon Hill Athletic Club to anyone in Boston looking for a solid gym without paying a fortune.

Theme Song: La Camisa Negra by Juanes

December 16, 2010

On an aside...

While I agree that Mark Zuckerberg has made an undeniable impact and change in people of the world's lives and definitely deserves this recognition, I can't help but instantly be sketched out by this...

At least give the guy some CHAPSTICK. Just sayin...

December 12, 2010

District Lounge, Leather District

Last night, a large group of friends and I went to the District Lounge in the Leather District close to Chinatown. We had a great, belligerent time because there was dancing, music was great, drinks were flowing, and obviously our crew is always the life of the party! As usual, my other 1/2 Lauren and I were shamelessly lip-synching and grooving to the Top 40 Jams as if we were in the music video.

PLUSES: Great drinks. Good music. Bumpin' & Grindin'. Crowd was a lil G so almost everyone had some sweet moves. Ample space to dance.

MINUSES: Cab BS. $15 cover that is "donated." One of the bouncers is kind of mean.

On the whole, we had a FABULOUS time celebrating graduation. I recommend District Lounge to anyone looking to go out dancing with a fun, unpretentious crowd without going to a club.

A special shout out to my dear sister who traveled all the way from New Jersey [LOL] to celebrate this joyous occasion with me. It was her first time hanging out in Boston and I am pretty sure I have convinced her to move here!

Theme Song: Sassy (Ultraviolet Sound Remix) by Kat Graham.

December 09, 2010

On an aside...

As a native of New Jersey, I have to admit - I LOVE watching Jersey Shore! And, my mood just got heightened with news of Season 3 airing on January 6th! However, I am kind of sad that Angelina isn't coming back - I loved hating her. Oh well. Interesting to see if and how Miss Deena Nicole fits in.

PS. Vinny's tweets are the cutest!

FOREVER 21 is coming to Boston!

From my first arrival in Boston up until now, I have always wondered how and why it is possible that there is no Forever 21 in the city. Forever 21 caters to one of Boston's major demographics- COLLEGE FASHIONISTAS who love to have the look for less!

Anyway, I can't believe it's taken this long, but Forever 21 is FINALLY on its way! I passed the construction on my way home on Newbury Street.

It's going to be located at 343 Newbury Street, where the parking garage was, right next to Urban Outfitters. Expect for it to be busy all the time like the H&M on Newbury Street. Kind of funny how a parking garage became Forever 21. Can't wait! XOXO

December 08, 2010

A Special Message to the Mark Zuckerberg Wannabe...

It's my last week in college and I am swamped with a 20-page research paper and studying for final exams. I was totally in the zone until I was notified that my photo, as well as a few of my friends', appeared on a website called Apparently, the site takes one of your profile pictures [you must be a female] and site visitors can rate and also compare you to the photo adjacent to yours.

First of all, this is a complete INVASION OF PRIVACY. Just because I have put my photos on Facebook for my friends to see, does not mean that I am giving permission for my photos to be placed anywhere on the net.

Second, this is absolutely DEGRADING & DISGUSTING. No one should be rated, compared, or publicly scrutinized like this. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and this can do some serious emotional damage to someone on the site.

Last, this has made me rethink what I want to reveal about myself on Facebook in addition to seriously putting my profile on lockdown. Since Facebook is growing and expanding its services, I think I should have done this anyway and recommend to anyone who cares about their privacy, to do the same.

Finally Justin Doody, I am sure you will be sued left and right. This is not even original. You're just a poser from The Social Network. Enjoy paying for your stupidity for the rest of your life.

December 07, 2010

On an aside...

I bought this ADORABLE keychain from the Converse store on Newbury Street today! Only 6 bucks for this precious little Chuck Taylor Could be a great stocking stuffer! ;)

And yes, I am chowing down on some Haagen-Dazs at 11 pm...

Friends and Family Event @ Lord & Taylor, Prudential Center

When I was ready to checkout, the sweet Lancome sales associate told me to wait until Thursday because I would save an additional 10% for a Friends & Family event and she would hold the box with goodies for me. Naturally, I was like sweet! See ya Thursday. Then she was like, "you know since you're so close to spending $100, I'll give you our other gift that you would get for spending $100 here." My reaction, "IIGHT! Show me what ya got!" haha just kidding I wasn't acting that g but you know what I mean, I was wicked excited. Not to mention she said she would throw in some extra stuff for me.

So long story short, for $75 I got...
6 lipsticks
5 Juicy tubes
3 mascaras
2 eye make-up removers
1 eyeliner
1 blush
1 blush brush & 1 eyeshadow brush
eye cream and serum
6 eyeshadows
1 giant make-up box [which I REALLY need!]
1 black tote [I'll take this to work]
1 toiletries travel bag
& a huge ass smile on my face!
(Needless to say, I do not have to buy make-up for a longggg time!)

The Friends & Family event begins on Thursday and ends on Tuesday. You get 10% off of all cosmetics and perfumes and 25% off the rest of the store. HAPPY SHOPPING FOLKS! Ciao...

December 05, 2010

Whiskey Park @ The Park Plaza Hotel PART 2

Last night we went to Whiskey Park for Lauren's birthday. Just like the first time, it was so much fun!

A special shout out to promoter Jeff Raymond, who worked so hard to make sure that Lauren and her friends were taken care of and fully enjoyed their time at Whiskey Park.

Since I already reviewed the place, atmosphere, and drinks previously, I don't want to bore you all with the same schpeel all over again. But I will highlight some ANNOYING events from the evening.

Overall, we all had a blast. HOWEVER, I will use my blog as a platform to announce that it is NOT COOL to intrude on other people's parties and mooch off their booze. [As seen in the photo] Second, that crazy Masshole bitch who was getting physical with my friends outside of the club over a NY vs. Boston vs. Miami debate, get a life loser. I hope she was blackout drunk because I pity her if she's like that on a normal basis. It is so un-classy & trashy for women to behave in such manner. Third, why is it so difficult to get a cab in Boston at 2 am! There should be an abundance of them out. That is freakin' peak time!

In any case, Whiskey Park did not disappoint. Great drinks, fantastic ambience, fist-pumping music, and of course most important, fabulous company. I have to be cocky and say that my group of girlfriends at the party were THE sexiest at the club especially the birthday girl. We were the ultimate divas on the loose. Just sayin' ;) I love Whiskey Park and I will definitely be back here more often! Just one piece of advice, relocate your washroom! Ciao Boston. TTYL xoxo
Theme Song: Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer

December 04, 2010

M.A.C @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Prudential Center

First, I want to wish my best friend Lauren a very very happy birthday. For this joyous occasion, Lauren and I got our make-up done. We opted for none other than M.A.C at Saks Fifth Avenue just because they are the best of the best in this craft.

Now I have gotten my make-up done before plenty of times because I suck at doing it myself, but I have NEVER been as pleased as I am this evening. Stephanie Grodin, my make-up artist, was phenomenal! She is an absolute perfectionist! She took her time and made sure that everything was symmetrical and flawless. Stephanie listens to you and takes into consideration what look you're going for, what you're comfortable with, colors, techniques etc. before she meticulously goes to town.

Stephanie Grodin is also a freelance make-up artist. So, if you've got a special occasion coming up, I highly recommend her! You can see from the before and after photos below how she made me go from gross to GLAM! Trust me, I am the first person to admit that I am nothing without make-up. She proved that to me once again today HAHA and I am totally okay with that because now I feel like a DIVA once again!

I have only talked about Stephanie, but I will say, I have always been 110% satisfied with any M.A.C make-up artist. They are truly very talented.

December 02, 2010

On an aside...

So, I was looking through pictures on and came across Jessica Simpson's photos from Thanksgiving this year in New York City. Ok, I knew she gained some weight, and it happens - my weight fluctuates all the time. But OMG! I was in disbelief! I could not believe that this was the same Jessica Simpson washing cars in skimpy shorts a few years ago. She looks like a completely different person. It's not like she's obese but I guess when you align pictures from a few years ago to now [like I obnoxiously did below] you just can't help but wonder, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED and WHAT IS SHE EATING!?

December 01, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Wishing everyone celebrating a joyous, healthy, & luminous Hanukkah!

P.S. I wish Whitey & Eleanor were real.
P.S.S. Stay tuned. Many exciting entries coming this weekend...

What's on your wish list for Hanukkah?