Happy New Year!

I have to be honest, New Years is definitely NOT my favorite holiday, BUT, I know tonight will be a fabulous time which you can count on reading about tomorrow.

A general round-up of my 2010: it was not one of the best years for sure, HOWEVER, I did graduate from Boston University which I would recognize as a great accomplishment and I got an awesome job which will really take me a long way. Even though this year kind of sucked, I am taking something valuable from each and every shitty event - a lesson. I feel wiser and more mature. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes going through rough times to gain these priceless personality traits.

2011 is going to be a fabulous year. My inner Flower, aka my intuition, is already telling me to keep my chin up and maintain positivity because 2011 belongs to me. Big things are going to happen - I hope that not only for myself, but for everyone. Here is to a promising upcoming year. Happy New Year to everyone all over the world. BE SAFE! xoxo.

PS. If I could celebrate New Years Eve anywhere in the world right now, it would be Dubai!


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