Friends and Family Event @ Lord & Taylor, Prudential Center

When I was ready to checkout, the sweet Lancome sales associate told me to wait until Thursday because I would save an additional 10% for a Friends & Family event and she would hold the box with goodies for me. Naturally, I was like sweet! See ya Thursday. Then she was like, "you know since you're so close to spending $100, I'll give you our other gift that you would get for spending $100 here." My reaction, "IIGHT! Show me what ya got!" haha just kidding I wasn't acting that g but you know what I mean, I was wicked excited. Not to mention she said she would throw in some extra stuff for me.

So long story short, for $75 I got...
6 lipsticks
5 Juicy tubes
3 mascaras
2 eye make-up removers
1 eyeliner
1 blush
1 blush brush & 1 eyeshadow brush
eye cream and serum
6 eyeshadows
1 giant make-up box [which I REALLY need!]
1 black tote [I'll take this to work]
1 toiletries travel bag
& a huge ass smile on my face!
(Needless to say, I do not have to buy make-up for a longggg time!)

The Friends & Family event begins on Thursday and ends on Tuesday. You get 10% off of all cosmetics and perfumes and 25% off the rest of the store. HAPPY SHOPPING FOLKS! Ciao...


  1. OH my god! I am so excited for this! I am on my way to Lord and Taylors after my day of work!! Yippeeee.

  2. Brittany! Enjoy! It is seriously a great sale. I am so excited about all my new goodies :)


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