Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

February 27, 2011

CURE Lounge, Theatre District

When we walked up to the bouncers, we felt like we were walking into some shady alley way where people deal drugs behind dumpsters. Despite that, we still went in.

CURE itself is a very nice place. You feel like you are in a house with it being completely carpeted, couches everywhere, fireplaces etc. It has a very welcoming feel to it. But the experience - not so much. I am going to bitch about petty things, but hey, that's what I do. All these little complaints add up to a somewhat disappointing experience at this new club.

The lounge is overwhelmed with tables! Everywhere you look there is a table in the limited space. Usually when you go out to a club/lounge, people are mingling with strangers and just groovin'. Here, since everyone pretty much belonged to a table, they were chilling with their own people which is fine but not if you didn't belong to a table.

The drinks were extremely overpriced for what you were getting. The amount and strength of the drink given was laughable. At least if I go over across the street to the W and pay the same $12 for one drink, I am guaranteed to get drunk.

You walk into the ladies room and you feel like you just walked into a photo shoot. I am pretty sure that if you're in that restroom long enough, one can lose their eyesight from the bright lights.

There was one good thing though. The music was PHENOMENAL! [DJ BERRIE!] I wanted to go all out and dance so bad but it felt so awkward since everyone was just kind of standing around doing their own thing with their own people.

I couldn't really tell if I was at a club or a lounge last night and I am pretty sure CURE is trying to figure out which of the two it is or if it is a 2-in-1 kinda thing. I would come back here again perhaps with a much larger group of friends and I would make sure to arrive a lot more inebriated than I was last night. Overall, not really impressed. I give this place a 2.5 star rating. Hopefully next Saturday is more fun! Until then, ciao!

Theme Song: Fight For You by Morgan Page [DJ Berrie remix]

February 24, 2011

Officially a Bostonian

I can now officially be considered a Bostonian. Got myself a 6-1-7 number and tossed my last evidentiary clue of being a Jersey-born lady out the window (ok, fine I still have a New Jersey drivers license) Anyway, I am happy to have joined the 617-ers!


February 19, 2011


Today has marked a very joyous, important milestone in my blogging career. After 3 months of blogging, my blog has reached 10,000 views! I see this is as a huge sense of achievement and want to thank everyone for reading me rant about Boston! Hugs and Kisses xoxo...

February 13, 2011

Apollo, Chinatown

These dudes ordered a freakin' feast including an interestingly-titled dish called "Bim Bim Bop" which was basically a pot of everything you can imagine thrown into one. At the time, pigging out felt so good but not so much this morning. But it's good to know there is a place to get sushi at 3 am.

I feel guilty saying it, but I HIGHLY recommend this place to all drunky-monkeys who are looking for food after the bar closes. Bon appetit!

Gypsy Bar Part Deux

Last night, my friends and I went to Gypsy Bar. It was a good time as usual except for the annoying guy who just did NOT GET THE HINT! And of course coat line which was longer than the initial line to get into the place. Anyway, you guys already know that Gypsy is one of the best clubs in Boston, so I don't need to praise, bitch, or really say much LOL. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure...

Theme Song: Fireworks by Kelis

February 12, 2011

JORGO Salon, 168 Newbury St

Seldom do I leave a hair salon tear-free. Today was definitely one of those days.

I know I was very overdue for a haircut, but I am one of those long-haired, scaredy cats who dread going to the hair salon even whentheir split ends could be spotted from miles away. I originally had intentions of getting my haircut tomorrow, but as I was strolling down Newbury Street this afternoon, I noticed a new hair salon with a huge sign that read "20% off for all new clients." So Ithought, "Sweet! Maybe I'll come here tomorrow."

BEFORE [Eugh, Plain Jane] AFTER [Oh yeah baby!]

I walked in and was greeted by an undeniably handsome Greek fellow who coincidentally happens to be the owner of the salon (alongside his wife). I was somehow persuaded into getting my haircut today, and boy was I happy to have had it there!

My stylist was Danny Mayhew- an adorable, young, and effervescent young fellow. He noticed I was very uncomfortable so took as much time needed during our consultation. When I got the vibe that we were on the same page, I gave in.

Everything from the initial consultation to the shampooing to the actual haircut was everything I expect from a high-end salon. Danny is extremely patient and talented in his field. He gave me the exact haircut I wanted.

I highly recommend this salon for more than one reason. They are professional and extremely patient with their clients. You get premium service for justifiable costs. For the first time in a long time, I left a salon feeling confident and happy!

Great atmosphere + fabulous location + friendly staff + amazing haircut = wonderful experience.

February 08, 2011

Back in Town

I am back in town after being separated from my one true love - Beantown. We have finally reunited and it feels so amazing. Flower will slowly be getting back into action... Stay tuned! Ciao :-*

February 02, 2011

A Break from Boston

Due to familial obligations, Boston and I are taking a break from our relationship. But we will be back together soon enough. Until then, xoxo and ciao.