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Only a King Will Suffice

"But, you're beautiful! You're smart! You're successful! You're funny! How are YOU single?!"This is a valid question and one that I oftentimes find myself scratching my head over. My late 20s have welcomed a hilariously horrific string of dating experiences that have led me to wonder, "is it because I'm short... brown... sick... loud?" The truth is, I'm not entirely sure. 
Without getting too fixated on a topic I have strong opinions about, I do believe that modern-day dating, or what I like to call "digital dating", might have something to do with it. This includes "dating" and communicating by way of smartphone apps (no, I'm not on any), social media, and text messaging. I am convinced more than ever that current dating norms stemming from "digital dating" have played significant roles in diminishing courtship, dehumanizing interpersonal dynamics, and essentially equating commitment to a sinkhole.

This year…

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