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10 Years in Boston

I moved to Boston 10 years ago as a wide-eyed, soon-to-be freshman at Boston University.

I’ll be honest, I reluctantly came to Boston. I had never intended on being here. I arrived feeling jilted because I was rejected by my dream school. I foolishly and oh-so confidently submitted an early decision application to NYU’s Stern School of Business; every other school I applied to was “just for fun”. Therefore, I was utterly devastated when I received my rejection letter and had to quickly troubleshoot my plans. Without thinking too much about it, I signed my life away and accepted the next best option, Boston University.

Coming to Boston was easily one of the riskiest and most spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made. Prior to orientation, I had never been here and had no idea what to expect from the school, the city, and its inhabitants. But with my T-pass and new friends, it only took one semester (and discovering Newbury St!) to fall in love with Boston. NYU-who?!

A decade is a long time…

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