Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

January 29, 2012

Beautiful Boston

On Friday night, I took a nice, long relaxing walk downtown while it was drizzling. I was walking nearby the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and stopped - the city simply took my breath away. It just looked so beautiful and at ease at that very moment, in that very spot. I was in such awe that I had to document the beauteous scene. The photograph was only able to capture a fraction of how lovely the actual sight was. Man oh man, I'm in love <3 xoxo ciao bellas

January 24, 2012

Tasca Tapas Restaurant, Brighton

What better way to start the New Year than with 60 degrees in January! The warm weather made me crave Sangrias all day long. I hit up one of my favorite people ever, my former roomie Thomas, and we were off to Tasca Tapas Restaurant located on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton.

I'm going to keep this post short just because I loved it so much and had nothing to complain about. This is truly a hidden treasure in Brighton! The atmosphere of this cute, cozy restaurant is just perfect for a date. I loved the loud music, the tightness of space, the seating arrangements - everything about Tasca was just lovely.

We enjoyed a pitcher of Sangria which was absolutely delicious. The drink gave me a tasty reminder that summer is not too far away ;) We ordered 3 items all of which were delicious and very filling!

I can't believe I never came here before considering I live two seconds away from it. I HIGHLY recommend Tasca if you love tapas restaurants, sangria, good food and a great atmosphere. I will DEFINITELY be coming here more often, especially in the summertime. Ciao!

Descent, Theatre District

This past weekend, my lovely sister Sabrina Diana came to visit me. I love having visitors come from out of town because I love playing the hostess with the mostest. I always make sure to take my visitors to the most hot and happening places.

Since Descent is the newest launch in Boston, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. There has been so much hype around this place and why not? It's a part of the reputable W hotel, centrally located, and no cover charge. Sorry, but the hype is simply hype - at least on Saturday night.

The club itself is actually very sexy. I love the colors and modern furniture. But there is something about the shape of the place that adds to the awkwardness I'm about to explain. So you walk downstairs and it's basically just a wide hallway. There's the bar on the right and open space which you can either walk through to get to the "lounge" area or stay.

The music was so loud. The best way for me to describe it was ecstasy music - music you should be jamming to if you've taken ecstasy. I liked it but no one was dancing... except for me. LOL. It was so weird and not to mention boring. If you're going to have crazy beats like that, people should be dancing! However, I think that along with my crew, everyone at Descent was equally confused as to what they were supposed to do. Do you dance? Do you mingle? Do you stay with your own people? Questions, questions.

As far as the clientele goes... let's just say it was very diverse. I am going to give Descent the benefit of the doubt in terms of population of the club because there was a snowstorm earlier in the day. You know how we Bostonians are, the minute there's snow, we coop ourselves up in our heated apartments and drink wine all night.

In any case, I don't want to rule Descent out completely given the circumstances on Saturday night. Maybe I will have a more eventful experience in the Spring time...

January 10, 2012

Hillstone, Faneuil Hall

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of having a lunch meeting at Hillstone right smack in Faneuil Hall. I feel like the past 2 weeks have been filled with me finally getting to places that I have been wanting to check out but simply never got around to it.

I kid you not when I tell you that 5 years ago, when I visited Faneuil Hall for the first time as a naive 18 year old, I looked at Hillstone (which was called Houston's at the time) and thought to myself that one day I would go to some kind of business meeting here because everyone walking in and out of the place were clad in suits. Low and behold, 5 years later, I did just that.

Hillstone is everything I expected it to be. Great food, great ambience, and great service. Hillstone is the epitome of class and sophistication. I devoured a delicious California burger and after today's lunch, I've decided they're my favorite kinds of burgers. The service was so quick and friendly - even with the influx of financial analysts and lawyers who were eager to get their daily fix @ Hillstone! I admired the lovely decor of the place - simple yet chic and makes a statement. And the music... don't even get me started. Such a great selection of jazzy music.

I am glad I finally got around to eating at Hillstone, despite it being 5 years later. I was just as impressed as I was even before I dined here. I HIGHLY recommend Hillstone. I am so jealous of the people who work in that area and have the luxury of so many food options for lunch. (Maybe it's a blessing disguise! hehe) Ciao! xoxo...

Theme Song: Felicidade by Suba

January 08, 2012

Julep, Financial District

Last night, I finally made it around to the fairly new Julep, located in the Financial District. (Julep used to be Revolution Rock) So, what's the verdict? So so.

Thank God I got there semi-early because minutes later, the line was outrageous! At first when I got there, I really liked the place! The lounge-esque decor and music made me feel totally in my element. The DJ was blasting my favorite lounge tracks by St. Germaine, Jazzanova, Samantha James - you know, you're non-mainstream artists that no one has ever heard of. All the yuppies seemed to be in good spirits and it was definitely a mingling kind of environment.

Once the rest of my group arrived, hip-hop music came on and we were dancing like it was our jobs. Somewhere in between the lounging and club dancing, my attitude toward the place changed. Julep went from a classy, Sex and the City kind of place to a club with people who couldn't dance (with the exception of my friends of course :))

I guess I am a little confused as to what kind of place Julep is trying to establish itself as. Lounge? Club? I also was not too fond of how segregated the tables were from the rest of the place. I told the bouncer I felt like I was Rosa Parks LOL. Anyway, I guess it's worth checking out? Not sure if I'll go back but now I can say that I've tried it. Ciao!

PS. Thanks to their oh-so private table area, I now have great inspirations on how to decorate my living room!

Theme Song: So Flute by St. Germaine

January 07, 2012

The Fireplace, Brookline

Few days back, I had yet another lunch meeting at The Fireplace located in Washington Square, Brookline. (I am going to keep this post short as I really don't have much to bitch about.)

The Fireplace offers exactly what it promises - a cozy atmosphere with a giant fireplace. I love the living room feel for this cute restaurant. You actually feel like you are in someone's home while dining here.
I really like the food here. It is very simple and yummy - the menu doesn't try to be pretentious at all. I enjoyed a guilt-free cobb salad with some tuna tartare and left extremely satisfied.

I especially love coming to The Fireplace in the summertime because of the outdoor seating and live music they provide occasionally. The Fireplace is definitely one of the better restaurants in Brookline (since there are SO many to choose from - NOT!) Whether you live in Brookline or not, The Fireplace should definitely be on your list of restaurants to check out. Ciao bellas!

Tasty Burger, Fenway

If you know me, you know that I am NOT a fan of New Year's Eve. Something about it depresses me and something about the ball dropping makes me so nervous - there is just so much pressure! Thankfully, my good friend Taylor shares the sentiment, mutually decided to be the minorities and not go out in skanky dresses, pay $100 bucks to get into a club, and wait hours to get a cab downtown.

For some reason, I was really craving a cheeseburger on New Years Eve. This never happens to me but I really wanted one. My partner in crime Taylor told me that I had to go to Tasty Burger on Boylston Street in Fenway. I was all for it. We walked to Tasty Burger in our goofy pajamas.

We arrive at something that looks similar to the Peach Pit from Beverly Hills 90210 from the outside. Inside looks like an auto repair place. Nevertheless, we seat ourselves down when our very friendly and chill waiter comes over to us to take our order. I ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and soda all for 9 bucks! Not too shabby! Food arrived about ten minutes later. It was all gone about 10 minutes after that. LOL. That was probably the best cheeseburger I have ever eaten in my life.

Surprisingly, we weren't the only lameheads not clubbing on New Years Eve. There were plenty of people at Tasty Burger playing pool, drinking at the bar, and chowing down on delicious burgers. I couldn't have asked for a better NYE. I now love Tasty Burger for their awesome food, friendly and warm staff, relaxed environment, and late hours for those upcoming late summer nights!

If you haven't been already, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out at least once. I was definitely missing my burger buddy/guest blogger #2 Mr. Bennett who surely would have enjoyed the entire experience! xoxo...

PS. You gotta love the giant artwork of Samuel L. Jackson with the burger!

OSUSHI, Copley

Since it's a new year, my mission is to discover new places I have never been to. Earlier in the week, I had a lunch meeting at OSUSHI in Copley mall, located nearby the Westin Hotel's entrance.
You know it's funny, for the past 5 years, I have passed this restaurant every weekend when en route to my Saturday routines at the mall. I always wondered about the place since I love sushi but something just never quite brought me in. Finally, I found a good opportunity to check it out.

The decor of the restaurant must be commended. I am such a sucker for any interior design that incorporates red. It was very chic and definitely made you feel like you were in a Japanese restaurant. I think the decorators did a great job of making the restaurant very lounge-y in its dark environment, further enhanced by the lounge music lightly playing in the background.

The menu was nothing extraordinary or anything creative - pretty basic in terms of sushi. But the prices definitely were not. I found the menu to be ridiculously overpriced for mediocre sushi. I blame this on the location. Oh well.

Overall, not a bad experience but not a great one. Ok food, great ambience, plus extremely slow service earns OSUSHI an "eh" from me.