OSUSHI, Copley

Since it's a new year, my mission is to discover new places I have never been to. Earlier in the week, I had a lunch meeting at OSUSHI in Copley mall, located nearby the Westin Hotel's entrance.
You know it's funny, for the past 5 years, I have passed this restaurant every weekend when en route to my Saturday routines at the mall. I always wondered about the place since I love sushi but something just never quite brought me in. Finally, I found a good opportunity to check it out.

The decor of the restaurant must be commended. I am such a sucker for any interior design that incorporates red. It was very chic and definitely made you feel like you were in a Japanese restaurant. I think the decorators did a great job of making the restaurant very lounge-y in its dark environment, further enhanced by the lounge music lightly playing in the background.

The menu was nothing extraordinary or anything creative - pretty basic in terms of sushi. But the prices definitely were not. I found the menu to be ridiculously overpriced for mediocre sushi. I blame this on the location. Oh well.

Overall, not a bad experience but not a great one. Ok food, great ambience, plus extremely slow service earns OSUSHI an "eh" from me.


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