The Fireplace, Brookline

Few days back, I had yet another lunch meeting at The Fireplace located in Washington Square, Brookline. (I am going to keep this post short as I really don't have much to bitch about.)

The Fireplace offers exactly what it promises - a cozy atmosphere with a giant fireplace. I love the living room feel for this cute restaurant. You actually feel like you are in someone's home while dining here.
I really like the food here. It is very simple and yummy - the menu doesn't try to be pretentious at all. I enjoyed a guilt-free cobb salad with some tuna tartare and left extremely satisfied.

I especially love coming to The Fireplace in the summertime because of the outdoor seating and live music they provide occasionally. The Fireplace is definitely one of the better restaurants in Brookline (since there are SO many to choose from - NOT!) Whether you live in Brookline or not, The Fireplace should definitely be on your list of restaurants to check out. Ciao bellas!


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