Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

September 25, 2013

Forum Part II, Back Bay

Forum, which was significantly affected by the horrific events that took place on April 15, 2013, reopened its doors to Bostonian residents. I went to Forum last Friday for a birthday party and couldn’t help but feel somewhat emotional. However, this resilient city has put that in the past and is happy to be normal again.
Forum is just as, if not more, amazing as it was before it shut down. The ambiance was beaming, the service was fantastic, drinks were delicious, and most importantly, the crowd was in great spirits!
This post is dedicated to all the victims and their families of the nightmarish Boston Bombings. Though a somber post, I am happy that Forum is open for business once again. Ciao xoxo

September 13, 2013

El Centro, Brookline Village

So I recently moved to Brookline Village which proves to be cuter and cuter with every passing day. The neighborhood has so much charm, great people, and cozy little restaurants.
On Wednesday night, my coworker and I were craving after work drinks, so we headed over to El Centro located in the heart of Brookline Village on Harvard Street.

El Centro is a beautifully decorated Mexican restaurant with a mouthwatering menu. The d├ęcor in this cute little spot is noteworthy… especially the bathroom! Frida Kahlo is plastered on the walls, Brookliners are drinking spicy sangrias while eating cornmeal made from scratch! The menu is also appropriately priced – not too expensive, not to cheap.
I would say my favorite part of this restaurant was learning that the owner is from my native country Bangladesh! Rabi is a successful yet humble owner of 2 Best of Boston Mexican restaurants (the primary location is in the South End) – thanks for the flan buddy!
Check out El Centro if you are craving Mexican food and a beautiful ambiance! I anticipate that this will be a frequent go-to for me ;) xoxo