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Sumaira Flower

January 23, 2011

Royale, Theatre District

After leaving Dillon's, I went to a place that can be considered the polar opposite - Royale. Royale is a club located in the Theatre District. It is absolutely HUGE! It is like a five minute walk to actually get into the club once you walk through the doors.

I arrived around 11:45 and the lines were outrageous. Thank God my friend's friend had a guest list otherwise I probably would have gotten right back into the cab and gone home. But once I was in I was happy :)

Just like every other time I have been to Royale, I was stunned by the flying, pretty much naked entertainers in the air, the hula-hoopers, and cage dancers. Not stunned in an "OMG THAT IS SO COOL!' kind of way, but stunned like "what would provoke a woman to be on display like that?" I also couldn't help but notice how guido/guidette infested it was last night! Whiskey tangos left and right. I actually felt like I was on The Jersey Shore. Tatted-up, sloppy men and women in the tackiest, sluttiest ensembles. In fact, these peoples wardrobes and dance moves put Snooki and Mike the Situation to shame. There was also this giant dancing pig on stage that was sketching me out. I have no idea what that was all about...

Anyway, my friends and I were having a blast dancing with each other. Of course I happened to be standing in front of a fight and had no clue what was going on behind me. One second I was dancing and the next I was thrown into a wall because of stupid dudes who couldn't control their tempers while intoxicated. Basically after that, everyone in our little section was wearing their drinks. I'll have you know, my ass is bruised and still in pain from those juiceheads.

We all recovered after 2 minutes of bitching and got right back into our dancing moods. [But of course, I met a guy who looked EXACTLY like my ex which kind of put me back into a pissy mood. The resemblance was so uncanny it was freaking me out.]

As we were all about to leave, another fight broke out and somehow one of my friends got involved. This d-bag of a guy actually threatened to hit my female friend. Who does that? Clearly guys who go to Royale.

In general, I did have fun because I was with my friends and the music was awesome. However, I am all set with Royale, at least in 2011. It's something I can probably only do once a year. I don't know how people party here like every weekend. Maybe I am just a grandma. Royale itself is absolutely beautiful, humongous, and the music is always amazing. I think Royale is the perfect venue for a concert but for clubbing, I am perfectly satisfied with places like Mantra and Venu. Nevertheless, I do recommend Royale if you're looking to have a trashtastic, true fist-pumping time. XOXO

Theme Song: Bromance by Tim Berg [Aviciis Arena Mix]

Dillon's Restaurant & Bar, Boylston Street

I began my Saturday night at a place called Dillon's on Boylston Street, right next to the firehouse. I had heard mixed thoughts on this place, so when my girlfriend invited me there, I jumped on the opportunity to check it out for myself.

From the outside, it looks really small. In fact, I had no idea it was 2 floors. However, that is the only good thing I can say about it. I walk in and it's crowded [which I guess is the 2nd good thing]. I was looking for a coat check only to find out that there is no coat check but this kind old man informed me that there were hooks under the bar where I could place my jacket. Yeah, why don't I leave my wallet there too?

So since there was no coat check and no really secure place to leave it, we walked around with our coats while everyone else was still wearing theirs and drinking. Yeah def my kind of fun - standing around in a crowded bar in my puffy North Face jacket - NOT! The structure of the place is super narrow so no matter where you are standing, you are ALWAYS in someone's way. For the maybe 45 minutes that I lasted there, I heard "excuse me, can I get through?" a good 30 times. ANNOYING.

I didn't even get a drink because I didn't want to be bound to Dillon's. My annoyance level was at its peak so I had to get outta there ASAP. On a general note, besides the coat situation and having to move out of everyone's way every 30 seconds, I just don't think this place is up my alley. Call me snobby if you may but the super casual bars are just not my scene no matter how hard I try. Sorry Dillon's. I am sure you are a great place in your own right and provide a good time for others, but you and I are not a good fit - at least not on a Saturday night.

PS. I was so miserable here that it doesn't even get a theme song. LOL

January 22, 2011

Towne, Prudential Center

Last night, my friends and I went to Towne - the new hotspot in town ;) Towne is located on Boylston Street adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center and across from Whiskeys.

I find Towne to be a lot like Sonsie. A very classy bunch of people, great drinks, fabulous atmosphere. Here you will find the successful, determined, ambitious, and great spirited people of Boston. You will also notice that there is an abundant supply of salt and peppers on the prowl who will offer to buy young ladies drinks just to get a "hello" out of them.

The evening in general was a wonderful time. There are a few key things/people/events that really made my night.

1. We watched a belligerent duo awkwardly have their first kiss. Evidence below... (they went at it for like a good 15 minutes with no care in the world)

2. Soulful Big Mike - the most soulful bartender I have met. I'm a chubby chaser so he was a sight for sore eyes for sure!

3. Quote of the evening - "Why are there so many old guys in turtlenecks?" My friend almost spit up her drink.

In conclusion, Towne is definitely in my top 5 favorite places to go in Boston. I always meet nice people and bump into random acquaintances. I did observe something very interesting though, I am almost always one of the only ethnic people there. Hmm, I wonder. Until next time, Ciao Boston! xoxo

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January 20, 2011

Whoomp! There it is!

While I find this LUVS Diaper commercial to be undeniably hysterical, I also think it might be slightly inappropriate. Thoughts? I'll give it to the advertising/marketing team at LUVS - DEFINITELY creative and attention-grabbing!

January 17, 2011

On an aside...

If you know me, you know that seldom do I watch the idiot box aka television. However, yesterday, my roommate got me hooked onto this ridiculous show called Storage Wars...

Basically, a bunch of white trash folks, who own thrift stores in California, go around to storage units and bid on lockers. The owners of these lockers have not paid their rent, hence their units and belongings are all auctioned off. Bidders get five minutes to scan items in the lockers from afar and base their decisions on whether to bid or not based on what they see.

Ok, at first, I was like - this is RETARDED! BUT... as you keep watching, you become addicted. It is absolutely fascinating to see how much profit these people make off of other peoples' junk. It is also hysterical watching these old "whiskey tangos" get orgasms when the lockers are revealed and they see things they like.

Never did I ever think I would enjoy a show as ludicrous as Storage Wars, but seeing is believing - it is very entertaining and interesting. In addition to the Jersey Shore, this is my second guilty pleasure.

Hudson Hotel, New York City

I know I am Flower: The Converted Bostonian, but I MUST share with all my fellow Bostonians how much fun I had in New York City on Saturday evening.

My friend and I went to The Hudson Hotel located on 58th Street in New York City. I was expecting a typical hotel and bar. Was I wrong or what! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with an escalator that escorts you to the lobby of the hotel. The lobby itself is absolutely breathtaking. The brick walls are garnished with vines and a huge chandelier. I was already smitten, but that was just the lobby.

The lounge has lit up floors that stimulate an urge to strut yourself over and show everyone what you've got. The interior decorating is kind of crazy, in a good way. While I definitely felt like I was at an upscale hotel/lounge, I also sometimes felt like I was in a forest...or maybe that was the effect of the vodka-cran.

Not only was the place beautifully decorated but the ambience and energy was great. Everyone seemed to be in a dancing and socializing mood. The drinks were really, really strong - I am convinced I was roofied. JK, wait actually no, I very well may have been. LOL.

All in all, I will definitely hit the Hudson Hotel up next time I am in the city. It was an absolute pleasure and I felt nothing but stunning and fabulous. The drinks were good, place was beautiful, good music, and most importantly wonderful company. If I do end up moving to NYC, I already know this place will be in my top 5. I suggest to anyone visiting NYC or who live there already and have not been.

PS. It makes so much sense why this place is so aesthetically pleasing -it's owned by the Morgans Hotel Group! This group owns the Ames Hotel in downtown Boston - another favorite of mine. Enjoy the array of photographs that only capture a small essence of how beautiful the Hudson Hotel actually is in person. I had a marvelous time here, whatever I remember of it... CIAO! XOXO

Theme Song: The Look of Love by Nina Simone (Madison Park vs Lenny B Remix)

Beacon Street Tavern, Brookline

First and foremost, apologies for the hiatus - I have been a busy little Flower ;)

A few nights ago, I went to the Beacon Street Tavern after work with a few co-workers. It is really conveniently situated as it's right across the street from the building I work in. I have to say, even though it's not really my scene, I have always had an enjoyable, casual time here.

As usual, I came across a very interesting character. So my co-worker and I are sitting at the bar when all of a sudden we noticed a chap all by himself next to me. He was minding his own business but somehow we all engaged in conversation. At first, I was all about chatting with a fellow patron in the bar but I instantly changed my mind after he started speaking.

Somehow the fact that I didn't eat animals came up in conversation which prompted him to tell me that he is an avid hunter. He not only obnoxiously showed us pictures of him carrying a 400 pound bear with guts all over him (I hid my face behind my hands) but also decided to share his political views. Direct quote, "Bush is the American hero" Immediately after his views sparked an intense debate.

Long story short, this guy was a redneck, bear-murdering, Bush-lover who was made many hints at wanting employment at our office. Even after realizing how much he irritated me, he still had the audacity to tell me to friend him on Facebook while also telling me I was "too Sex and the City."

Enough about him. I can't really say that I would ever go out of my way to come here but Beacon Street Tavern is a wonderful after-work spot. It is right on Beacon Street and T-accessible. With cheap drinks, good food, and a cute environment, I suggest this bar to anyone who works on Beacon Street.

January 07, 2011

Sonsie, Newbury Street

I said this the first time I went to Sonsie early 2009 and will say it again... Sonsie is hands down, my favorite place to go in Boston. I have never had a bad or even mediocre night here. Every time I come here, I meet the most interesting, eligible, and intelligent bachelors (sometimes bachelorettes). I actually met one of my exes here. He was a good guy... while it lasted ;)

The bartenders at Sonsie are nothing but wonderful. Alem, Meki, and Tim [the bartenders] make a conscious effort to ensure that every patron at their bar is having fun and enjoying their time at Sonsie. At Sonsie, you can be sure to come into contact with only the classiest, successful, and determined residents of Boston. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Tonight, my friend and I met a hilarious plastic surgeon from Greece.

Sonsie offers everything that I look for in a bar/lounge - class, sophistication, and quality. These adjectives can be applied to the atmosphere, people, and drinks. This is my first post about Sonsie, but I can't actually tell you how many times I have been here. It is the one place in Boston that I will probably never get sick of. Interestingly enough, it is here where I met the Bruins and asked Tuukka Rask what sport they play to which he responded, "do you really not know who I am?" "Uh yeah."

If you are looking to meet the best of the best in Boston, Sonsie is the place to be. You are guaranteed to have a great time here. I feel nothing but fabulous when I come here. I highly recommend Sonsie to everyone, especially for their Sunday brunches. XOXO Ciao.

Theme Song: Atelier by Danilo Venturi

January 05, 2011

Pinkberry on Newbury St

Enough said. With the additions of Pinkberry and Forever 21, Newbury Street is now complete. Sometimes I dream about Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt...

Hire a Boston Wing Woman...

"We're better at hitting on women than you are."
What the hell does that even mean? So basically, this company offers "wing woman" at an hourly rate for guys that are too pathetic and lame to get women even with their guy friends. The wing woman get paid a hefty $65 per hour for the first two hours, and $30 for every half hour after that. There is a 2 hour minimum. Is it just me, or does anyone else agree that this is absolutely preposterous? How heartbreaking that guys have to hire female "friends" in order to get other women. What happens if you feel like banging your hired wing woman? Do you still pay her? Does that mean she's technically a prostitute?

Excerpt from the ad: "The best way to meet an incredible woman in a bar, lounge, or social function is not to trawl around with a pack of dudes, hang with your possessive female best friend, or wander the social scene as a shy, solo guy. What you need: a confident, outgoing, paid woman by your side, who can approach other unsuspecting women on your behalf and in your company. In other words, a professional WINGWOMAN!"

Wouldn't having a female by a guy's side drive other women away? I just don't get this. I can't believe there is actually such a service. Even worse, I can't believe the founder is a woman! Thoughts? I would love to hear people's perspectives on this. I read this and actually LOLed on the T.

Explore the ridiculousness here!

January 02, 2011

On an aside...

So, I was watching TV [rare occasion] tonight and flipping through the channels until I came across something worth watching. I tuned in to E! where Bridalplasty was airing.

First of all, what a stupid concept for a reality show. Actually, after watching 2 episodes, I still don't really understand the concept. Conniving, manipulative brides-to-be live in a house, bitch at each other, and get eliminated until one chick is left who is then granted any plastic surgical procedure[s] she wishes to have plus a dream wedding? WTF!?

Second of all, why are all of the chicks obese? Just an observation...

Lastly, if you're marrying someone, they obviously love you for you. Why would you go mess with your face and body right before your wedding?

The show wasn't even entertaining and pretty much a waste of my time. No wonder why they call televisions idiot boxes. Shana Moakler, don't you have anything better to do? Oh wait no, you're too busy trying to decide whether or not you want to stay married to Travis Barker.

Saint, Exeter Street in Boston

How come I didn't get the memo that no one goes out New Years Day? What I expected to be a great night out with some girlfriends, turned out to be a night that may alter my sleep for the next few nights...

After a disappointing turnout at the Liberty Hotel, we ventured over to a different part of town, in hopes of a better time. We arrived at Saint, a club/lounge located on Exeter St adjacent to the Copley Square Hotel.

As soon as I got there, I noticed this girl in a dangerously short dress ostentatiously dancing like, for a lack of better words, a slut. She was belligerent and all over the place. She clearly had no care in the world that her dress was exposing everything - hence, why we gave her the name, "Vagina Girl." Vagina Girl was so embarrassing to watch. I felt like slapping some sense into her. Her poor friend kept following her around, attempting to keep her in check, and letting all of us know that her friend simply enjoys dancing. Yah, that is some dancing alright.
She was eventually kicked out for inappropriate behavior and escorted out of the building. About a half hour later, we left as well. When we got upstairs, there were ambulances and police cars. I asked the bouncer what happened. Apparently, Vagina Girl continued to be unruly outside and got hit by a car and had to be taken to the hospital! I don't know much more beyond that but I hope she is okay even though some thought blasphemous behavior deserved it.

Besides Vagina Girl, I have to be brutally honest, the scene was so trashy. Even though the place was empty, the people who were there made enough of an impression for me to never want to go back to Saint. I was totally judging, as all girls do, and noticed girls in white jeans and sequined tanks. Who in their right mind wears white denim? For Saint's sake, I hope that it was just a rare night that attracted a sleazy crowd, because the place itself is actually really nice.

That's all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years weekend and that hangovers have wore off! XOXO

PS. If anyone hears anything about Vagina Girl, let me know. I don't know why I was so affected by what happened to Vagina Girl. I had such a bad nightmare after that whole fiasco...

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January 01, 2011

Gypsy Bar, Boston Commons

NewYears Eve is one of the most anticipated nights of the year all over the world. While I normally do not care whatsoever about the holiday, this year was different. This year, I was looking forward to ending such a craptastic year in a fantastic way!

My friends and I went t Gypsy Bar on Boylston St. last night to celebrate New Years. The tickets were $75 bucks which covered entry and one glass of champagne. Kinda pricey, but it's only once a year. We also got a table in a private suite which made the entire night that much more enjoyable.

The music was great [top 40's]. Drinks were unusually strong. Sloppy girls fell like it was their jobs. Creepy guys lurked from every corner.

This was definitely the best New Years Eve I have had til date (considering last year, I went to bed at 10:30 pm) I wonder whether I would have had just as much fun if we did not get the table. 90% of the night I was in the suite. Hmm... Anyway, I love my friends and hope that next year will be just as epic. I really like Gypsy Bar and hope to celebrate my next birthday here.
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2011 is going to be AMAZING! xoxo

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