Saint, Exeter Street in Boston

How come I didn't get the memo that no one goes out New Years Day? What I expected to be a great night out with some girlfriends, turned out to be a night that may alter my sleep for the next few nights...

After a disappointing turnout at the Liberty Hotel, we ventured over to a different part of town, in hopes of a better time. We arrived at Saint, a club/lounge located on Exeter St adjacent to the Copley Square Hotel.

As soon as I got there, I noticed this girl in a dangerously short dress ostentatiously dancing like, for a lack of better words, a slut. She was belligerent and all over the place. She clearly had no care in the world that her dress was exposing everything - hence, why we gave her the name, "Vagina Girl." Vagina Girl was so embarrassing to watch. I felt like slapping some sense into her. Her poor friend kept following her around, attempting to keep her in check, and letting all of us know that her friend simply enjoys dancing. Yah, that is some dancing alright.
She was eventually kicked out for inappropriate behavior and escorted out of the building. About a half hour later, we left as well. When we got upstairs, there were ambulances and police cars. I asked the bouncer what happened. Apparently, Vagina Girl continued to be unruly outside and got hit by a car and had to be taken to the hospital! I don't know much more beyond that but I hope she is okay even though some thought blasphemous behavior deserved it.

Besides Vagina Girl, I have to be brutally honest, the scene was so trashy. Even though the place was empty, the people who were there made enough of an impression for me to never want to go back to Saint. I was totally judging, as all girls do, and noticed girls in white jeans and sequined tanks. Who in their right mind wears white denim? For Saint's sake, I hope that it was just a rare night that attracted a sleazy crowd, because the place itself is actually really nice.

That's all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years weekend and that hangovers have wore off! XOXO

PS. If anyone hears anything about Vagina Girl, let me know. I don't know why I was so affected by what happened to Vagina Girl. I had such a bad nightmare after that whole fiasco...

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