Beacon Street Tavern, Brookline

First and foremost, apologies for the hiatus - I have been a busy little Flower ;)

A few nights ago, I went to the Beacon Street Tavern after work with a few co-workers. It is really conveniently situated as it's right across the street from the building I work in. I have to say, even though it's not really my scene, I have always had an enjoyable, casual time here.

As usual, I came across a very interesting character. So my co-worker and I are sitting at the bar when all of a sudden we noticed a chap all by himself next to me. He was minding his own business but somehow we all engaged in conversation. At first, I was all about chatting with a fellow patron in the bar but I instantly changed my mind after he started speaking.

Somehow the fact that I didn't eat animals came up in conversation which prompted him to tell me that he is an avid hunter. He not only obnoxiously showed us pictures of him carrying a 400 pound bear with guts all over him (I hid my face behind my hands) but also decided to share his political views. Direct quote, "Bush is the American hero" Immediately after his views sparked an intense debate.

Long story short, this guy was a redneck, bear-murdering, Bush-lover who was made many hints at wanting employment at our office. Even after realizing how much he irritated me, he still had the audacity to tell me to friend him on Facebook while also telling me I was "too Sex and the City."

Enough about him. I can't really say that I would ever go out of my way to come here but Beacon Street Tavern is a wonderful after-work spot. It is right on Beacon Street and T-accessible. With cheap drinks, good food, and a cute environment, I suggest this bar to anyone who works on Beacon Street.


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