Hire a Boston Wing Woman...

"We're better at hitting on women than you are."
What the hell does that even mean? So basically, this company offers "wing woman" at an hourly rate for guys that are too pathetic and lame to get women even with their guy friends. The wing woman get paid a hefty $65 per hour for the first two hours, and $30 for every half hour after that. There is a 2 hour minimum. Is it just me, or does anyone else agree that this is absolutely preposterous? How heartbreaking that guys have to hire female "friends" in order to get other women. What happens if you feel like banging your hired wing woman? Do you still pay her? Does that mean she's technically a prostitute?

Excerpt from the ad: "The best way to meet an incredible woman in a bar, lounge, or social function is not to trawl around with a pack of dudes, hang with your possessive female best friend, or wander the social scene as a shy, solo guy. What you need: a confident, outgoing, paid woman by your side, who can approach other unsuspecting women on your behalf and in your company. In other words, a professional WINGWOMAN!"

Wouldn't having a female by a guy's side drive other women away? I just don't get this. I can't believe there is actually such a service. Even worse, I can't believe the founder is a woman! Thoughts? I would love to hear people's perspectives on this. I read this and actually LOLed on the T.

Explore the ridiculousness here!


  1. hahahaha, priceless. I do think you and I could do well as one another's wing women though, lol.

  2. Does the guy get a refund if he has a crappy time and doesn't pick up any chicks?

  3. Anyone who thinks this is legit is out of their mind... It's a cover for a call girl service. The chick who owns the company is a Madame. Duh!


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