Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

February 19, 2012

Tequila Rain, Fenway

Last night, I went somewhere I would have enjoyed my freshman year of college with my fake ID - TEQUILA RAIN.

I'd like to compare Tequila Rain to Deena of the Jersey Shore - sweaty, trashy, and a BLAST IN A GLASS! I'm going to keep this post short because I promised my friend Taylor that I wouldn't bash her scene...

Tequila Rain is your typical bar/club in Fenway infested with tons of sweaty specimen in their early 20's in other words, people who are in denial about not being an undergrad any more. Top 40's played while people were bumpin' and grindin' ferociously LOL.

I had a good time because I was with a large group of friends. Had I not been, my verdict may have been significantly different. Sorry Taylor but there is one thing I must bash - WTF is up with the naked chicks dancing in the large screen TV's!?! So degrading and trashy! OBNOXIOUS! UGHHH... Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their long day weekend.. xoxo Ciao bellas

Fabulous Finds @ Davis Square

If you know me then you know that...
a.) I love shopping and
b.) I love bargains.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the day in Davis Square bargaining it up like it was my job. I already know that I have natural talent at finding chic yet cheap pieces but today I outdid myself!

I am so excited about my purchases today so I figured I'd share my favorite fabulous finds...

BCBG Beaded Blouse

Bensoni Blouse

Kimchi Blue Belt

Christian Louboutin 4" Poni Heels

Found, Davis Square

Gucci, Fendi, Prada purses, purchasing them finer things,
Men they come a dime a dozen, just give me them diamond rings...

I can't believe it took 5 years of living in Boston to discover that Davis Square is an amazing shopping area! As you know, every Saturday, I engage in a shop-a-thon with my partner in crime Taylor. Today we decided to change things up and head to Davis Square. Boy, was this one of the best decisions of my life!

After going to the awesome Buffalo Exchange, we walked into a fancy consignment store called "Found" just across the street on Elm St. First things first, you definitely do not feel like you are in a consignment store. The store is beautifully decorated and you feel as if you are in a boutique on Rodeo Drive. Found carries only the best of the best designers including Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Chloe, Tods ... you name it - it's there and it's affordable!

I experienced a milestone in my life at this store today... I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutins :) They are not just any pair of CL's but from what I understand a Limited Edition pair with pony hair and crystals. It was love at first sight between Pony and I... sigh.

Finding Found was like Christmas. Ladies and gents if you want to dress and feel like a diva and not break the bank - YOU MUST COME HERE! Found gives women (and men) the chance to own things they have only dreamed of wearing without marrying a millionaire!

P.S. "Labels or Love" totally should have been playing while I was shopping at Found today LOL.

Theme Song: Labels or Love by Fergie

February 04, 2012

Buffalo Exchange, Allston

Two very exciting things happened to me today (one that I can disclose in a few months) The other however is the discovery of Buffalo Exchange, a vintage shop located in Allston on Harvard Ave.

I can't believe that only recently have I learned how amazing vintage stores are given that I shop more than I do anything else. Buffalo Exchange puts Second Time Around to shame. The buyers are much pickier and almost every item in there is so trendy, chic and different - not to mention extremely inexpensive! I found Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Elie Tahari, Elizabeth & James and so much more! I had so much fun browsing through the hundreds of colorful, fun pieces and trying them on in this funky store.

They also buy clothes on a daily basis (as opposed to STA who only buy during the week, during business hours. What about the people who work and can only make it on the weekends? Ugh) Anyway, I picked up some great numbers for the spring and summer that I know NO ONE else will be wearing when I go out. If you are into vintage stores or simply do everything you can to make sure you don't look like a cookie-cutter 20something year old, I HIGHLY recommend checking Buffalo Exchange out. They have several locations around the city. Def worth a visit. xoxo Ciao