Tequila Rain, Fenway

Last night, I went somewhere I would have enjoyed my freshman year of college with my fake ID - TEQUILA RAIN.

I'd like to compare Tequila Rain to Deena of the Jersey Shore - sweaty, trashy, and a BLAST IN A GLASS! I'm going to keep this post short because I promised my friend Taylor that I wouldn't bash her scene...

Tequila Rain is your typical bar/club in Fenway infested with tons of sweaty specimen in their early 20's in other words, people who are in denial about not being an undergrad any more. Top 40's played while people were bumpin' and grindin' ferociously LOL.

I had a good time because I was with a large group of friends. Had I not been, my verdict may have been significantly different. Sorry Taylor but there is one thing I must bash - WTF is up with the naked chicks dancing in the large screen TV's!?! So degrading and trashy! OBNOXIOUS! UGHHH... Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their long day weekend.. xoxo Ciao bellas


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