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Sumaira Flower

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What is your costume?

October 26, 2010

Coming soon...

As a token of my gratitude to my followers, once a week, I will be giving away gift certificates and fun stuff to one lucky person. Stay tuned for details... XOXO

October 24, 2010

Whiskey Park @ The Park Plaza Hotel

Our second stop with the FM'ers was Whiskey Park at the Park Plaza Hotel. I will be completely honest, by the time I arrived here, I was a little bit inebriated to say the least, so I will share whatever I can remember...

I entered to find out the my cover fee was waived which was an automatic endorphin boost. Everyone in the club just looked so happy, so naturally, that made me happy. There was great music with unfortunately with too much PDA and a lottttt of dirty dancing (I am such a grandma.)

Whiskey Park was crowded, but not to the point when I could feel someone else's sweat dripping on me. That has happened way too many times at other places. YUCK! The service at the bar was OK. The bartenders all looked so pissed off. But I guess when it's 1:30 am and you have drunk people screaming names of drinks in your face, it's almost impossible not to have a sour puss face on. I also wonder if in order to become a bartender at Whiskey Park, you need to have abnormally large boobs overflowing out of your shirt at all times?

I had an absolute blast here. I will definitely be coming back here. Just one teeny tiny thing I would change about Whiskey Park that would be impossible to do so I don't even know why I am mentioning it BUT the washrooms are really inconveniently located. You have to go down a slippery set of spiral staircases in the basement. Yikes! I was scared for my life with my 5 inch heels on. Other than that though, I HIGHLY recommend this place if you want to go out dancing with your friends.

Theme Song: Dirty Talk - David Guetta featuring Wynter Gordon

Market Lounge @ The W, Theatre District

Twice a year, 40-60 "brothers" from Los Angeles grace the city of Boston with their presences. Who are these mysterious men? None other than the Free Masons. It is always a blast partying it up with these fun loving people and this weekend was no different.

Our first stop was Market Lounge at the W Hotel located at 100 Stuart Street. After waiting about 25 minutes, my friends and I were finally able to join the rest of the Free Masoners who had already arrived there long before us. Imagine walking into a lounge and seeing about 40 bald Persian guys all dressed in black and uproariously conversing in Farsi. It was surely a sight to see, especially for those who had no idea who these guys were.

I always love coming to this place because it is one of the classiest lounges in Boston. There is definitely no tolerance for trash in here! I also love that I never feel awkward for being dolled up. I think it's really interesting how the lounge is basically the lobby, although I don't know how that goes down for hotel residences who are not really into nightlife. Oh well, sucks for them I guess. The music was louder than usual which was great. Drinks were delicious as usual. We were in great company. The fireplace was quite convenient although my ass was on fire (almost literally!) because I was sitting right in front of it for about 20 minutes upon arrival to try to recover from the cold.

All in all, this is a really fun place to go to if you're looking to get dressed up and lounge with the city's young, hot, and successful. I only have one complaint about Market and this is an issue I run into here all the time: there is always such a long wait but when you go inside, the place isn't even 75% full (I imagine this is some kind of marketing strategy but it pisses me off!) If it weren't for the Free Masoners, the place would have been practically empty. Although I have fun here most of the time, I wonder, is it worth standing outside in the freezing cold for 30 minutes for a 1/2 empty bar?

Theme Song: Sex Elevator Music - Thievery Corporation

October 22, 2010

Post 390, Back Bay

What do you do on a freezing Thursday night when you're not feelin too hot? Go to Post 390. Post 390 is located at the corner of Stuart Street inside of the Clarendon Hotel. The cozy, log cabin-like atmosphere will instantly warm you up during Boston's brutal winters. Post was a good choice because I was looking for something some what casual, but not Joshua Tree-ish [Lauren don't kill me for always hating on the Tree LOL.] Post 390 offered exactly what I was looking for last night - a low-key and intimate setting.

Post 390 is nothing but warm and "snug as bug in rug," especially because of the fireplace that was emanating the must needed heat on me. The place was filled with middle-aged men and women all dressed in their work attire. Apparently, Post 390 caters to business meetings, after work drinks, and even dates.

We situated ourselves at the corner of the bar which was the perfect spot for people watching a.k.a creeping how hot all the salt and peppers were. I needed a warm beverage so I ordered an Irish coffee. Idiotically, I asked the bartender...

"Excuse me miss, will this heal my sore throat?"
(with a look of disgust and confusion) "Not necessarily?"
I thought it was a legitimate question - guess not.

During my washroom break, I discovered the most interesting thing you could ever find in a ladies room. The flush was lime green [symbolic for being eco-friendly I assume.] Then, adjacent to the flush was a friendly little sign that read, "Flush upward for liquid waste; Flush downward for solid waste." First of all, WHO THE HELL P*&PS AT A BAR!? Second of all, that is just so weird.

So, I get back to the bar to find 2 middle-aged men groovily making their way toward where we were sitting. It didn't take long to put two and two together. There were 2 stools available next to us... Enter "Pompous Paul" [PP] and "Butterface Patrick." These two flirtacious men came over to chat with my friend Sarah.

Not only did they talk to her, but they fought over her and each promised her the world. I definitely think that Pompous Paul had the upper hand in the competition. Even though he's about 150 pounds overweight and resembles John Candy, something about him was so charming. Not to mention, he was cockier than Mike The Situation.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sarah get swept off of her feet by Mr. Prince Charming, I eventually had to step in and tell them she was my partner. It was hilarious to see their facial expression and excitement after that!

Anyway, Post 390 was a lot of fun even though I wasn't my usual peppy self. I am definitely going to be finding myself here a lot in the winter. The only complain I had was SURPRISE SURPRISE! A giant TV airing some baseball game. I wasn't as affected as last time thanks to the entertainment provided by Beavis, Butthead, and Sarah. Post 390 is located in a great area and definitely caters to the more "casual" side of me. A special thanks to Alana, a Bostonian rep for Tanqueray gin, for introducing us to the 'English Summer' beverage and to Pompous Paul for picking up the tab. Sarah, hold on to this one! :) Ciao Boston!

Theme Song: "Girl and the Sea" - The Presets

October 17, 2010

On an aside...

Super 88, located on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston, is the shhiiiiiittttt! A special thanks to my dear friend Jane for documenting how truly embarrassing I can be and how enthusiastic I am of this gargantuan Asian supermarket. Click on the link below and enjoy!

Down Ultra Lounge, Financial District

My girlfriends and I were so excited to go to Howl at the Moon. After hearing such rave reviews about the place, we finally decided to strap on our 5-inch stilettos and check it out. My friend gave me a fair warning to arrive relatively early as the line seems to always be endless.

Arrived around 10:30, which is really early for a Saturday night, but we were determined to get in. First of all, the wait was about an hour long. Second of all, it was FREEEEEEZING! Talk about not having a transition from summer to winter. Thankfully, I wore my ghetto ass jacket and stuffed my heels in my pockets (refer to photo below), but my poor friends were shivering.

It was too cold so I decided to go up to the bouncer and see if I could sweep him off of his feet. Wasn't able to cut the line, but he suggested that we hang out at Down Ultra Lounge, a club right next door, until the line became more reasonable.

So we go to this club and let me just say, what a hidden treasure! My friends and I had so much fun here! We all sweatily fist-pumped like there was no tomorrow! The club is below ground, hence the name, and is huge. There was ample space to dance and mingle with all the North Shore guidos who were tearin' up the dance floor. Speaking of spaciousness, there were so many stalls in the ladies' room. Okay, I know that's not really exciting but when you're a tipsy girl in a romper who really has to pee, it's a comforting sight. [My romper by the way was a hit, but a pain in my ass when I had to pee. I was practically naked every time I went to the washroom LOL.] In addition, D.U.L is really inexpensive. $10 cover + $3 coat check + $6 drinks = CHEAP NIGHT OUT!

"This is the best $6 I've ever had!" - Too Racey Hono

Long story short, Down Ultra Lounge is a little "G" (according to my BFFL Lauren) but indeed a comic relief type of place to go dancing with a large group of friends. Amidst the sticky floors and sloppy guidos, my friends and I had a lovely Jersey Shore-esque night out. Ciao Bellas!

Theme Song: DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher

October 13, 2010

Petit Robert Bistro, Kenmore Square

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my 10 day hiatus. I was in New Jersey, and we all know there is not much to blog about over there!

I went on another rendezvous with Mr. JOHN DOE, or shall I say Sherlock Holmes (he was wearing a funny detective coat that I was teasing him about.) It was a rainy Wednesday evening, and Petit Robert Bistro seemed like the ideal, "homey" place to grab some drinks.

Petit Robert is a little french cuisine located on Commonwealth Avenue. Honestly, there is only one way to describe what this place was like. I felt like I went back in time to the Prohibition Era and was sneakily drinking in a speakeasy. Furthermore, John Doe's detective trench coat added to the 20's feeling. The ceilings were low, walls were brown, and the doors were long and skinny. It was really warm however. My date can vouch for me as I kept saying "Dude! I am sweating balls!" Real attractive, right?
(a speakeasy)

Me: "What do you think is the mean of all the people here excluding us?"
Him: "70."

Maybe it was the night of the week, but Petit Robert seemed to attract really old people. The table adjacent to the bar seated a handful of old farts who looked like Albert Einstein's brothers - all clad in polka-dot bow ties, thick black glasses, sporting their wide Hungarian mustaches.

This time our conversations were a little more serious. We talked about everything from suicide to the more interesting topic of tranny prostitutes who dominate the Eiffel Tower area. (I am sure he wanted to kill himself after watching me profusely sweating for no reason.)

Petit Robert Bistro is a really cute place. I know this is a short post but I really don't have anything bad to say or anything more to say as I was only there for maybe 45 minutes. All in all, it is a cozy, "blast from the past" type of place with really personable & friendly staff and a great drink menu that provides an intimate setting for a date.

October 03, 2010

On an aside...

Woodward @ Ames Hotel, Government Center

Last stop, was Woodward at the Ames Hotel. Woodward never disappoints me. It actually happens to be one of my favorite bars downtown.

Woodward exudes sophistication and class. There is nothing in that bar that I would change. Although it wasn't that crowded last night, it was still such a pleasant experience as always. Finally, my friends and I found the perfect place for a girl's night out.

The minute you walk into the lobby, you are welcomed by a colossal, innovative, sparkly chandelier. (I know it's just a chandelier but I'm a nerd and really appreciate that kind of stuff.) The 2-floored bar offers ample space to socialize, whether you are sitting or standing. The fireplaces, earthy-toned walls, and innovative wooden furniture make you feel like you're at home.

Woodward is located amidst the city's high rises and is T-accessible. If you get tired of the slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere of the bar, you can walk down a few blocks and head to your favorite dive bars in Faneuil Hall or you can take a 5 minute cab ride westward and sip on expensive cocktails with the city's snobbiest at the Liberty Hotel.

The drinks were fabulous. The food was delicious. But, best of all, the women's washroom is unreal. It is a narcissistic woman's treat! You feel like you're on a runway with a catwalk-ish hallway and mirrors at every angle. Sounds pathetic to be excited about, but you know you ladies love to check yourselves out with your distinct mirror face on when you're out on the town.

In conclusion, I am glad my friends and I ended our night here; it really made me forget about how frustrated I was with the other two places earlier in the evening. If you're in the mood to go to an upscale bar that is perfect for networking and socializing, Woodward is the place for you!

Theme song: I Like The Way You Move by Kaskade

SPLASH Ultra Lounge, Leather District

Second Stop, was SPLASH Ultra Lounge which at one point was News. My friends and I literally spent 6 minutes in this place...

We arrived around 11:15 PM, which is pretty early, so I won't hold the emptiness of the place against SPLASH. I think the ultimate conflict is that SPLASH has it's persona confused. While on the one hand, they try to maintain the reputation of being a sexy, exclusive, guest-list only club/lounge, on the other hand, they have half-naked waitresses serving cheeseburgers to its patrons. Basically, SPLASH = Estate + Hooters.

As far as the interior design is conc erned, SPLASH is very intimate. Considering how limited the space is, the club does a commendable job of designating sections - the bar, the lounge area, the dance floor, and of course the celebrated roof deck which I imagine is a hit in the summer time.
I think if you're in the mood to go fist-pumping with a bunch of Jersey Shore look-alikes but don't feel like going to a club, SPLASH is the perfect venue.

PS. There is a hidden washroom with bidets! That is definitely a plus in my book!

Theme Song (the song that perfectly describes the feel of the place): Memories by David Guetta

RumBa @ the Intercontinental, Boston

Never have I ever felt the need to hop around so many places in one night out of sheer boredom.

First stop, was the so-called famous RumBa lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel along the beautiful wharf side in Boston. The Intercontinental Hotel itself is everything it promises to be - ritzy & glitzy. As soon as you pull up to the hotel, you can't help but feel so important. Seeing that the hotel was so wonderful made me that much more excited to go to RumBa. But clearly from my last experience, I should have known better than to have such high expectations.

RumBa is so beautifully and creatively built. The structure of the bar makes you feel like you're in a teepee. The red and orange hues plus dimmed lighting offered a very welcoming, cozy sentiment. The circular bar setting allowed for socializing with strangers to be less awkward than usual. The only complaint structurally speaking is that the bar entrance isn't clearly defined from the lobby. The lobby just kind of turned into the bar. Other than that, the place itself was beautiful.

Unfortunately, my friends and I only spent about 15, no 10 minutes at RumBa. Reason? The crowd was just so off from who you would expect to be there. On one side, you had guys with jeans and backwards caps (way too casual). On another side, you had your group of yuppies in velvet sports coats (Velvet on dudes = not hot). And on the other end, you had 50+ year olds in evening wear that arrived in a Ritchie bus (whatever that is). With the right crowd, RumBa definitely has the potential to be a really chill place to go to in the winter when you just feel like staying in one place and having a relaxed evening with your friends.

October 02, 2010

Noche, South End

It was the first night of Fall [90 degrees none the less], and John Doe and I decided to go out for drinks. The venue was up to me which was a bit difficult as I normally don't go out drinking on Wednesday nights. But alas, I came up with Noche, a fairly new, apparently perfect "date-spot" place in the South end. I had been eagerly wanting to go there, especially after all the positive Improper Bostonian reviews I had read...

My night didn't start out as pleasantly as I had hoped. I thought, for the occasion of my date, I would bust out my favorite pair of skinny jeans that I hadn't worn in forever. As a result of struggling into jeans that I clearly wasn't thin enough to fit into anymore, I found a convenient rip right in the crotch area! They were too tight to take off so I just decided to wear a long blouse over it so my date wouldn't see.

We arrived at Noche. As you can see from the photos, it was a lounge/restaurant lover's delight! I walked in thinking "Perfect! This is totally my scene." The ambience was exactly what I had hoped it would be - very Sex and the City-ish. The lights were dimmed at an appropriate level, lounge music was audible in the background, and Bostonian yuppies were all dressed up and enjoying midweek drinks. I was definitely feeling the eclectic mix of people too, with the majority being super-stylish gay guys that made me feel so masculine. At that time, I couldn't even imagine the turn of events that was about to take place.

My date and I were enjoying our cocktails until all of a sudden, a football game was displayed on two giant TVs right above the bar. I tried to ignore it, but it was right in my face. It totally ruined the ambience of the place. In addition, the music suddenly changed too. We went from listening to Quantic to Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA. I almost felt like I was at Joshua Tree. I was also very uncomfortable by the intense heterosexual and homosexual PDA, but it only got worse.

I was relieved to see that the food menu seemed absolutely scrumptious! I ordered Tiger Shrimp while he ordered Tuna Tartare. My mouth was watering as I impatiently waited for my food to come out. What came out was fried shrimp with onion rings in thousand island dressing. Noche, don't tease me with the frou-frou language and premium pricing if what I'm getting is TGI Friday's food.

Aside from all of Noche's disappointments, I did enjoy my date. Conversations included rectal exams, fear of toilets, and strip club adventures, etc. Actually they weren't really conversations, because I was doing 99.9% of the talking. (He didn't seem like much of a talker anyway.)

In conclusion, I am not ruling out Noche. I really do think that the place has a lot of potential. In fact, initially I was so smitten, that I decided right there and then that my rehearsal dinner would take place there (whenever that is). I had high expectations, but was extremely let down. I am hoping that I just chose the wrong night to go there... Hopefully next time I can find a better venue that fits the mood of a date. Until then, ciao Boston!