Post 390, Back Bay

What do you do on a freezing Thursday night when you're not feelin too hot? Go to Post 390. Post 390 is located at the corner of Stuart Street inside of the Clarendon Hotel. The cozy, log cabin-like atmosphere will instantly warm you up during Boston's brutal winters. Post was a good choice because I was looking for something some what casual, but not Joshua Tree-ish [Lauren don't kill me for always hating on the Tree LOL.] Post 390 offered exactly what I was looking for last night - a low-key and intimate setting.

Post 390 is nothing but warm and "snug as bug in rug," especially because of the fireplace that was emanating the must needed heat on me. The place was filled with middle-aged men and women all dressed in their work attire. Apparently, Post 390 caters to business meetings, after work drinks, and even dates.

We situated ourselves at the corner of the bar which was the perfect spot for people watching a.k.a creeping how hot all the salt and peppers were. I needed a warm beverage so I ordered an Irish coffee. Idiotically, I asked the bartender...

"Excuse me miss, will this heal my sore throat?"
(with a look of disgust and confusion) "Not necessarily?"
I thought it was a legitimate question - guess not.

During my washroom break, I discovered the most interesting thing you could ever find in a ladies room. The flush was lime green [symbolic for being eco-friendly I assume.] Then, adjacent to the flush was a friendly little sign that read, "Flush upward for liquid waste; Flush downward for solid waste." First of all, WHO THE HELL P*&PS AT A BAR!? Second of all, that is just so weird.

So, I get back to the bar to find 2 middle-aged men groovily making their way toward where we were sitting. It didn't take long to put two and two together. There were 2 stools available next to us... Enter "Pompous Paul" [PP] and "Butterface Patrick." These two flirtacious men came over to chat with my friend Sarah.

Not only did they talk to her, but they fought over her and each promised her the world. I definitely think that Pompous Paul had the upper hand in the competition. Even though he's about 150 pounds overweight and resembles John Candy, something about him was so charming. Not to mention, he was cockier than Mike The Situation.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sarah get swept off of her feet by Mr. Prince Charming, I eventually had to step in and tell them she was my partner. It was hilarious to see their facial expression and excitement after that!

Anyway, Post 390 was a lot of fun even though I wasn't my usual peppy self. I am definitely going to be finding myself here a lot in the winter. The only complain I had was SURPRISE SURPRISE! A giant TV airing some baseball game. I wasn't as affected as last time thanks to the entertainment provided by Beavis, Butthead, and Sarah. Post 390 is located in a great area and definitely caters to the more "casual" side of me. A special thanks to Alana, a Bostonian rep for Tanqueray gin, for introducing us to the 'English Summer' beverage and to Pompous Paul for picking up the tab. Sarah, hold on to this one! :) Ciao Boston!

Theme Song: "Girl and the Sea" - The Presets


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