Down Ultra Lounge, Financial District

My girlfriends and I were so excited to go to Howl at the Moon. After hearing such rave reviews about the place, we finally decided to strap on our 5-inch stilettos and check it out. My friend gave me a fair warning to arrive relatively early as the line seems to always be endless.

Arrived around 10:30, which is really early for a Saturday night, but we were determined to get in. First of all, the wait was about an hour long. Second of all, it was FREEEEEEZING! Talk about not having a transition from summer to winter. Thankfully, I wore my ghetto ass jacket and stuffed my heels in my pockets (refer to photo below), but my poor friends were shivering.

It was too cold so I decided to go up to the bouncer and see if I could sweep him off of his feet. Wasn't able to cut the line, but he suggested that we hang out at Down Ultra Lounge, a club right next door, until the line became more reasonable.

So we go to this club and let me just say, what a hidden treasure! My friends and I had so much fun here! We all sweatily fist-pumped like there was no tomorrow! The club is below ground, hence the name, and is huge. There was ample space to dance and mingle with all the North Shore guidos who were tearin' up the dance floor. Speaking of spaciousness, there were so many stalls in the ladies' room. Okay, I know that's not really exciting but when you're a tipsy girl in a romper who really has to pee, it's a comforting sight. [My romper by the way was a hit, but a pain in my ass when I had to pee. I was practically naked every time I went to the washroom LOL.] In addition, D.U.L is really inexpensive. $10 cover + $3 coat check + $6 drinks = CHEAP NIGHT OUT!

"This is the best $6 I've ever had!" - Too Racey Hono

Long story short, Down Ultra Lounge is a little "G" (according to my BFFL Lauren) but indeed a comic relief type of place to go dancing with a large group of friends. Amidst the sticky floors and sloppy guidos, my friends and I had a lovely Jersey Shore-esque night out. Ciao Bellas!

Theme Song: DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher


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