Whiskey Park @ The Park Plaza Hotel

Our second stop with the FM'ers was Whiskey Park at the Park Plaza Hotel. I will be completely honest, by the time I arrived here, I was a little bit inebriated to say the least, so I will share whatever I can remember...

I entered to find out the my cover fee was waived which was an automatic endorphin boost. Everyone in the club just looked so happy, so naturally, that made me happy. There was great music with unfortunately with too much PDA and a lottttt of dirty dancing (I am such a grandma.)

Whiskey Park was crowded, but not to the point when I could feel someone else's sweat dripping on me. That has happened way too many times at other places. YUCK! The service at the bar was OK. The bartenders all looked so pissed off. But I guess when it's 1:30 am and you have drunk people screaming names of drinks in your face, it's almost impossible not to have a sour puss face on. I also wonder if in order to become a bartender at Whiskey Park, you need to have abnormally large boobs overflowing out of your shirt at all times?

I had an absolute blast here. I will definitely be coming back here. Just one teeny tiny thing I would change about Whiskey Park that would be impossible to do so I don't even know why I am mentioning it BUT the washrooms are really inconveniently located. You have to go down a slippery set of spiral staircases in the basement. Yikes! I was scared for my life with my 5 inch heels on. Other than that though, I HIGHLY recommend this place if you want to go out dancing with your friends.

Theme Song: Dirty Talk - David Guetta featuring Wynter Gordon


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