Blow Me Blizzard!

Unless you've been hibernating, then you are already well aware of this awful blizzard that has hit the Northeast. In the recent years, meteorologists have pretty much always been completely off with their weather predictions, so naturally, when I heard a blizzard was going to hit, I was like "YEAH RIGHT!"
I went to New York this weekend to spend some quality time with my family. My original plans were to leave this afternoon (Sunday) so that I could make it back to Boston in time and not be exhausted for work tomorrow. As soon as I saw the flurries flurrying down in Brooklyn, I was like "SHIIIITTTTT...I need to bounce!" I hopped on the subway [for the 2nd time in my life] and jetted to Chinatown.

First of all, Chinatown is like a foreign country in New York City. You tend to forget you're still in Manhattan. Secondly, I had to race through the snowy, slippery sidewalks of Canal St. to make the noon bus at Fung Wah. Yeah, I took the Fung Wah Bus, whatever.

Obviously, I missed the 12 o'clock bus but was able to get on the 12:30 one. Long story short, it took 8 miserable hours to get back to Boston. I was swamped in between obese people who were chowing down on their fast foods the whole ride down. I was nauseous, cranky, and my butt was hurting. In total, my trip back was ABSOLUTELY NIGHTMARISH! Lesson to be learned, trust meteorologists sometimes...and plan in advance.

There was once a time when snow used to bring the happiest moments in my childhood. Now, it's just annoying, inconvenient, and completely overrated.

However, I am pleased that find out that I do not have to go into work tomorrow. My body has a whole day to recover. Now, I will be enjoying the rest of my evening drinking my wine, eating delicious Thai food, and watching episodes of Sex and the City. Sounds as close to perfection as I can get to right now in this weather condition.

Hope everyone is relaxing, keeping warm, and enjoying being snowed in. Ciao!


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