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So, I was looking through pictures on PerezHilton.com and came across Jessica Simpson's photos from Thanksgiving this year in New York City. Ok, I knew she gained some weight, and it happens - my weight fluctuates all the time. But OMG! I was in disbelief! I could not believe that this was the same Jessica Simpson washing cars in skimpy shorts a few years ago. She looks like a completely different person. It's not like she's obese but I guess when you align pictures from a few years ago to now [like I obnoxiously did below] you just can't help but wonder, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED and WHAT IS SHE EATING!?


  1. I agree. I met her years ago when she was married to Nick Lachey & then saw her again in person this past spring at a taping of Jay Leno where I sat in the front row. I know they say the camera adds 10lbs but .... I don't think the camera is the one she should blame on this one.

    Rumor has it she's actually pregnant. We'll see!

  2. Oh man I kind of feel bad. She must get heat all the time because she used to be so tiny but DAYUM, girl has hit rock bottom! I hope it's because she is preggers


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