Metropolis Cafe, South End

Ever since I came back from NYC, all I have been craving is brunch. So naturally, my girlfriend and I went for Sunday brunch earlier this afternoon in the South End - the cutest neighborhood in Boston! I wish I spent more time down in the South End because it is just such a lovely area.

Originally, we had intentions of going to Masa. Usually Masa is a hot mess and has nothing less than an hour wait, but we thought ok, it's Easter, people are probably at home eating with their families. Nope! Everyone and their moms were at Masa. Instead, we went to Metropolis Cafe down the street.

Metropolis Cafe is a small little diner-like restaurant that instantly transports you to Paris as soon as you walk in through the narrow doors. The food was delicious, the decor was cute BUT I have to point out 2 things. Which restaurant doesn't give you toast with any breakfast entree? Sounds petty but I was quite shocked. And B.) Our waiter was definitely baked out of his mind! LOL No joke, this guy was definitely on something. He took his sweet ass time with everything and looked annoyed when I asked him for sugar in the raw. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? Sheesh!

I wouldn't say I was crazy about this place. I wish there had been better service and toast...xoxo


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