Bond & W

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to Bond and then the W.

When we arrived at Bond, it seemed promising. Music was good, ok group of people, drinks were yum, and I was feelin' like a 10. However, as time passed, the scene kept getting trashier and trashier which is a shame because Bond is such a beautiful place. I finally convinced my friend to get outta there, so we left. Good call because this morning I heard there was a police chase at Bond shortly after we left. YIKES! We then hopped in a cab and went to the W which is almost always a good time. I told the cab driver me and my friend worked at Glass Slipper (local strip joint) for some reason. Oh alcohol and it's crazy effects. Anyway, it's nap time...

PS: I'd like to have my rehearsal dinner at Bond if I ever get hitched...

Theme Song: Lost Groove by Kaskade


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