Dream Hotel, New York

This weekend was easily one of the best weekends I have had in 2011. My girlfriend and I drove down to New York Friday after work for the long weekend. A mini-vacation that was very much needed!

I was visiting some dear friends from abroad in the city. I stayed at the Dream Hotel which is located at W 55th and Broadway. The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the hotel was that the entire building was lit with blue lighting!

Dream is owned by Vikram Chatwal, therefore you can expect nothing less than a unique, sophisticated, innovative environment as soon as you step foot into the hotel. The room, lobby, lounge, hallways all make you truly feel like you're in a dreamworld.

Long story short, this is an awesome hotel to stay in New York City. It is really refreshing to stay somewhere with a cool concept that underlies every aspect of the hotel as opposed to the old-fashioned cookie-cutter hotels that infest the city. A lovely and different hotel experience to say the least!

PS. Rumor has it that Vikram Chatwal is seeing Lindsay Lohan LOL


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