Lolita, Back Bay

Friday nightt, I went to one of the newest lounges in Boston, Lolita, located on Dartmouth in between Newbury and Boylston Street. I am instantly intrigued by any place that is called Lolita, so I was very much looking forward to it.

Lolita is situated where the old Paparazzi restaurant used to be. As soon as you walk into Lolita, you are greeted with sensuality in the air. The lounge oozes very dark and erotic vibes. These vibes are further enhanced with the black and red walls, furniture, and interesting layout.

In addition to the lounge having quite the stimulating ambience, Lolita also has a Latin undertone throughout. I especially appreciated the portraits of Antonio Benderas and Penelope Cruz on the gents' & ladies' rooms respectively.

Drinks at Lolita were very strong (which is a good thing, hehe), music was nice, crowd was so-so (predominantly a BU scene). I quite liked this place except for the one annoying thing that will never change in nightlife - such a long line to get in for a not so full venue. Oh well.

Anyway, I will probably come back in the summertime. Enjoy the track below! Ciao :*

Theme Song: Cada Vez Que Te Veo by Cafe Del Mar


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