BIJOU, Theatre District

When you live in a small city like Boston, any new club/lounge/restaurant is a BIG deal. Such is the story with BIJOU which opened up two weeks ago in the Theatre District of Boston.

Last night, my friends and I wanted to go clubbing/lounging so we decided to try out Bijou. We arrive at our destination around 11pm. No line. I wondered.. hmm that's odd. $30 cover. Even more odd. I have heard of $25 cover which is what I was prepared for. But thirty bucks? Come on... there is a recession going on! I understand, as a club in the Theatre District, you need to set the bar and set yourself apart from the other but DAYUM! My girlfriend somehow managed to bring it down to $20, so we were on our way in.

To get to the club, you have to basically climb Mount Everest. Not so convenient when you're wearing 5 inch heels. But I'm a diva. I made it to the top LOL. We walk in to an empty but beautifully designed club. We make our way to the bar where I paid $13 for a small glass of vodka/cran. Sheesh! This place was raping me left and right. Whatever, I thought - it's probably strong and I'm a lightweight so I won't need much. I was wrong. I basically drank cranberry juice.

Anyway, to the good things. This place filled up minutes after I gulped down my first drink. Bijou brought me back to the days of Foundation. The music was so loud and orgasmic. The crowd made sure to represent every country in the Middle East. I loved it. The colourful lights that kept changing made me feel like I was on ecstasy - even though I have no idea what it's like to be on e. I had an amazing time an will definitely return at least one more time before my move to the Big Apple.

I highly recommend this place if you're looking to go clubbing without partying next to sleazy, trashy people. You MUST listen to the track below. I Shazam-ed it as soon as the DJ played it. Too good.


  1. Lighting done by P.C. Electrical Contracting Corp.
    Beautiful Job if I may add.


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