The Legal Harborside, Seaport

Last night, a few girls and I went to The Legal Harborside in Seaport. What a perfect night to be in Seaport. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but it was crowded with young people looking to mingle.

The Legal Harborside is just stunning. I almost felt like I was on a cruise. The place is humongous! I loved all the positive energy from all the patrons. I don't have too too much to say as I only spent an hour there before I headed over to Jerry Remy's to meet some other people. Perfect for a date in the summer time!

I would love to come back here when I am not in such a pissy mood. PS. I feel really bad for the poor guy who was telling me all about how he wants to work for Louis Vuitton in Paris one day and how much he loves buying expensive things. I spilled a Cosmopolitan on him... it was an accident I swear!

Anyway, enjoy the photos. They speak for themselves. Ciao!


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