Sumaira Flower

Sumaira Flower

July 03, 2011

On an aside...

Out of boredom this crappy Sunday, I decided to do my nails completely different than my usual french manicure. I have applied "Exotic Liars" from Essie which I must say is a great summer colour. Polishing my nails however struck a very random thought in my twisted head...

I paid $9 for this teeny, tiny bottle of nail polish. 9 frikken dollars... that's someone's pay per hour just for nail polish. I feel like there is like a caste system of nail polishes. You can go to CVS and get the cheapest - Wet N' Wild for a buck. Or you can move higher up the ladder and get Sally Hansen or Revlon polishes. Next level in the hierarchy are your Essie's and O.P.I's. And lastly, you have your obnoxiously-priced Nailtiques, Diors, MACs.

So my question is, does the brand of nail polish a person uses represent anything? Or are girls just retarded for wasting money on "designer" nail polishes that produce the same results as something from CVS? Hmm... I wonder, I wonder. Anyway, look at how cute my nails look! HAHA!

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