Joe's American Grill, Newbury Street

So yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to the famous Joe's American Grill on Newbury Street for lunch.

I hadn't been here in a while so I was looking forward to hopefully improved customer service. Luckily my friend made a reservation in advance otherwise we would never have gotten a seat. Just like Scoozi on a summer day, Joe's is a mob scene of Bostonians looking to wine and dine outside on Newbury Street.

I ordered a caesar salad with sauteed mushrooms. While it was good, it didn't have any wow factor to it. I know, I know, it is just a salad but when you're paying $16 for a salad, you expect something to jump out at you. What did jump out at me however was the awfully rude woman who was serving us. I get it - you work at a snooty restaurant on Newbury Street where all of your patrons are pretty damn snooty but dayum girl, flash me a smile or something. Why so serious?

Another thing I always notice about Joe's is that every time I walk past the indoor bar, it smells like a dirty rag. DISGUSTING! It is such a distinct and powerful smell. I smelled it two years ago and yesterday. Like WTF is that. Eugh.

Anyway, neither the food nor the service is anything special at Joe's. If you're going here, it's most probably because of the scene. You're paying for the location - nothing else. Not a fan. I do however like the semi outdoor seating.


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