The Meat House, Coolidge Corner

After work today, a colleague and I went to "The Meat House" which is a modern-day butcher shop located in Coolidge Corner.

Normally when one thinks about a butcher shop, you're thinking nasty, smelly, "manly" places. I If this is normally the case, then The Meat House is your anti-butcher shop. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by enthusiastic staff offering me cheese and sausage as well as a glass of wine.

Out of sheer excitement of how interesting this store was, I told the manager it was my first time there. As soon as he learned this, he ran over to the glass cases filled with various marinated meats and gave me free steak tips! I was like "Holy shizay - that is some amazing customer service!"

From there on, nothing could have made my Meat House adventures a negative experience. There were samples all around the store. It was so clean and didn't smell at all. Everything was so neatly displayed. Vino was everywhere, and you know how much I love vino. What also added to the innovative butcher shop was the groovy jams they were blasting. I actually felt like I was at a party at the butcher shop LOL.

Anyway, if you are looking for premium quality meat and ready-made type of foods, GO TO THIS PLACE! For the past 4 months, I have taken a hiatus from being a vegetarian and going to this store makes me want to eat meat everyday and potentially become a butcher. Ok, not really but you know what I mean! Bon soir lovas!


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