Himalayas, Newbury Street

On this mood-swinging (weather) Sunday afternoon, I was making my way down Newbury Street when something caught my eye. Did I see what I thought I saw? I think so. Let me go check. 

I walked into 230 Newbury Street and entered a haven of colorful, ornate Indian-inspired clothing. Now, the concept is not new - Indian attire with a modern twist - but the execution sure is. 

Himalayas as a boutique is a sight of its own, let alone the GORGEOUS clothing in there. Every item is beautifully hand-crafted and designed in the Southeast. It is a little pricey but the quality is superb. The atmosphere & service are equally as wonderful. I actually felt like I was shopping in Bombay. 

The mastermind behind Himalayas is a demure, polite young fellow named Yuxuan Huang. He is not Indian himself but was left so inspired after having completed his studies in the Himalayas. He is an ambitious BC student ready to add some spice and flavor to Boston's fashion scene!

Newbury Street and Boston in general was in definite need of a store like this. I speak on behalf of the Brown community in Boston (LOL) that there is not enough Southeast Asian clothing stores in the area. 

Please give a warm welcome to Yuxuan Huang and Himalayas to Newbury Street and check out his beautiful collection!

(obsessed with this Himalaya Collections dress!)


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