Globe Bar & Cafe, Boylston Street

Boy oh boy have the last couple of weeks been absolutely NUTS! Being me has not been easy. Not only did I run into wisdom teeth issues (ugh!), but I'm moving this Friday, Memorial Day weekendin New Hampshire, my sister's wedding is in three weeks, and I'm simultaneously trying to become a movie star LOL Hectic would be an understatement. 

In any case, I treated myself to mid-week drinks last week at Globe Bar & Cafe located centrally on Boylston Street near the Boston Public Library. I have lived in Boston for 5 years and have passed this joint probably 100,000 times but never once did I have the urge to go in. Nothing about its exterior appearance and ambiance ever intrigued me. At last, I finally went based on a friend's recommendation.
It was a beautiful, summery Wednesday evening with the sun still at its best. We decided to sit inside with the bay windows wide open to still be able to enjoy the summa weatha. I ordered a sangria and a veggie burger. Doesn't seem too time consuming right? WRONG. It took way too long to get our drinks, even longer to get my food, and even even longer to get the tab when we were fed up. Actually, let me correct myself, we had to go up to the young waitress and remind her for the tab and also bring our credit cards back to her after she neglected our table for a good 20 minutes. It wasn't even that busy! The service was AWFUL! It was so bad that I thought it was some kind of a prank lol. 

Anyway, I think the only thing this place has going for itself based on my experience, is its location. Other than that, drinks were mediocre, service was terrible (including the waitress's inability to crack a smile once in a while) and ambiance was blah. For Globe's sake, I hope this was just an off night and not a usual occurrence.


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