Curry House, Coolidge Corner

Ever since Kim Kardashian's ever so graceful remark about Indian cuisine, I have been craving curry so bad. LOL.

I am moving tomorrow so all my pots and pans are packed away - I have no choice but to order take out. En route from home to my boxed-up apartment, I stopped by Curry House in Coolidge Corner to satiate my appetite for Indian food.

I ordered combo#1 which allows you to order two curries with rice or naan. I ordered aloo gobi and saag paneer on top of jasmine rice. Though I just ate the last morsel of this about 2 minutes ago, typing about it is making my mouth water.

Indian restaurants are tricky in the US. I have never ever really found an Indian restaurant that satisfied my taste buds only because I feel the restaurants here are trying to Americanize, so to speak, the food. Curry House definitely did not do that. It tasted just the way I would expect real Indian food to taste.

Long story short, there are two Indian restaurants in Coolidge Corner - go to this one (the other is Rani). It's inexpensive, has a cute cafe-like environment with Bollywood music videos blasting in the background, and delicious food! CHECK IT OUT!

Here is a new, fun Bollywood music video... CRAZINESS right?!? Just the way I like it :D (This video gets me everytime LOL)


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