WARD 8, North End

Lately, I've found myself in a state of reacquainting - with old movies, skinny jeans, and of course people. Last week, I had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with a childhood friend whom I have not seen in 13 some odd years. He happened to be visiting Boston and wanted to catch up, so I suggested we meet up at Ward 8 in the North End. Since it's opened its doors (not to mention, very heavy doors) in late 2013, Ward 8 has become the most talked about hot spot in the area. 

I absolutely love the atmosphere - very intimate and cozy. The brick interiors and camel colored furniture ooze a very loft-y feeling. I love the set up with the bar right smack in the middle. No one is secluded in the restaurant which makes it a great "mingling" place if ya know what I mean ;)

The food is delicious. I admit that I indulged in an amazing cheeseburger with truffle fries and a few glasses of Pinot - YUM! I probably should have tried the Ward 8 drink but I wasn't feeling very adventurous. Perhaps next time!

The service was awesome. Every employee's excitement for the restaurant's success radiated through their individual excellent customer service. A very nice group of people working here. PS I LOVE the flannel shirts as the uniform - it's a great look!

Overall, Ward 8 gets a thumbs up from me. With a fabulous name, optimal location, great hospitality, and of course, delicious menu, this restaurant has all the perfect ingredients for success in the city. Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday FunDay! Ciao ;)

PS - Recipe for the Ward 8 beverage - SALUT!


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