The Port Hunter, Edgartown

One of the greatest things about living in Boston is that there are so many places you could visit without much travel.
If you feel like skiing, just drive up to Vermont. If you feel like fishing, just go to Maine. If you feel like hunting, go to New Hampshire. If you feel like having the ultimate New England island vacation, take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. And that is exactly what I did this past weekend.
I visited Marth'as Vineyard for the first time ever. It was more beautiful and quaint than I expected it to be. Beautiful homes, clean beaches, bike riders everywhere, and fabulous restaurants. What more could one ask for?
One restaurant I dined at during my stay that stood out was The Port Hunter. In short, the Port Hunter was huge, had AMAZING food, and a great vibe. It wasn't too expensive (like the rest of the island) and you get A+ service. Last but not least, the owners are complete sweethearts. It's very endearing to watch them personally make sure that all of their patrons are happy and well taken care of.
If you happen to be in Edgartown and are craving oysters, burgers, fries and more, eat at the Port Hunter!


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