For my golden birthday this year, I knew I wanted to wear something completely diva-licious. However, dressing like the ultimate diva ain't cheap.

My colleague was telling me about this website called 'Rent the Runway' (RTR) which allows fashionistas on a budget to wear dresses they've only dreamed of wearing. I checked out the website and was amazed at how many dresses I'd seen celebrities wearing that I now had the chance to rent at a low cost.
I decided to do it. I rented a saucy, red Herve Leger dress. I've always wanted to wear an HL number but could never wrap my head around paying $1,500 for a dress that I would probably wear once and get a stomach ache from (because of how tight they are!)

RTR was the most ideal plan for my event. I received the dress (and a 2nd size for free incase the other didn't fit) the day before my party with a bunch of girly samples from various vendors. The dresses arrived neatly in garment bags, looking completely new.

On Monday, after my hangover finally passed, I packed the dresses back with the shipping label provided by RTR and bid farewell to my short but sweet relationship with the HL dress.

I didn't have to break the bank and I felt like a celebrity. What a win/win situation! This is a perfect scenario for when you have 6 weddings in one summer. And let's be real girls, do you actually wear your fancy-schmancy dresses more than once? Don't lie to yourself. This is a brilliant concept. With their user-friendly website and exceptional prices, you'll have a designer dress at your door in no time!
Check out the amazing collection at Rent the Runway!
PS. A golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date you were born on. For example, you're turning 19 on January 19th.


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