The Brahmin, Back Bay

Saturday night, I finally paid a visit to the ever-so-talked about Brahmin located on Stanhope in the Back Bay. Brahmin was the complete OPPOSITE of what I had expected. 

When you go to a place named after the highest level of Hinduism's caste system, you can only expect the place to have Indian influence, right? WRONG. Brahmin on the contrary is an all-American restaurant & lounge. Why the owners would decide to name this place Brahmin is beyond me but anyway, moving on.

The Brahmin has a very interesting set up. You walk in and there is a giant staircase leading to the basement in the middle and a bar in the middle. There is an area on the right designed for dancing but trust you me, there was none of that happening which is very unfortunate.

I was told that the Brahmin was a dancing venue with no cover so I got my dancing shoes on and was so ready to show off my moves. What a disappointment. The crowd also made me feel like I was in college again like T's Pub in Allston.

Since so many of my friends rave about the Brahmin I am really hoping Saturday was an off night. I couldn't even last an hour in there.


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