Sandrine's Bistro, Harvard Square

On this lovely Monday afternoon, I ventured off to Cambridge for a work lunch. I chose to eat at Sandrine's Bistro because it wasn't in the midst of the Harvard Square mayhem.

Sandrine's Bistro is a French restaurant owned by the noteworthy chef Raymond Ost located on Holyoke Street. It looks tiny from the outside but don't let the outer appearance fool you. It's actually a very spacious restaurant with an abundance of seating arrangements.

Sandrine's offers French cuisine with an Alsace touch as the menu suggests. Their lunch menu was perfect with just the right number of options and unoverwhelming verbiage to describe the French food.

I ordered a portobello mushroom sandwich with some pommes des frites. Pretty standard and pretty delicious. My lunch date ordered a mushroom "tarte flambee." Now that's what I should have gotten - it was like a party in your mouth!

I would describe the decor of the restaurant to be old-fashioned French and to some degree kitsch. I liked everything but definitely did not appreciate their rather archaic carpeting. Minor detail but bothersome for my picky taste.

In any case, Sandrine's was an enjoyable pseudo-French experience. I wish there had been French music and French speaking people around me but no big deal. I give Sandrine's a 3 out of 5 stars. It was good, definitely not bad, but had the potential to be notch better.

Bon soir all you beautiful people! XOXO


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