The Oceanaire, Government Center

On this lovely, strangely warm November day, I had lunch at The Oceanaire Seafood Room, located at 40 Court Street in Government Center. I haven't had good ole' traditional Bostonian seafood in a long time, so I thought, why not?

The Oceanaire is huge inside! The minute I stepped foot into the gargantuan restaurant, I instantly felt like I was on a ship or a cruise LOL. Maybe it was that Nyquil I had to take last night... Anyway, the restaurant is beautifully decorated with its large white columns highlighted by the scattered blue lighting. (I am a sucker for blue lighting) Most of the guests dining at the restaurant were more "seasoned" if ya know what I mean ;) all clad in their business attire enjoying giant crab cakes and afternoon wine.

As far as food is concerned, all I have to say is I embarrassed myself by eating as much of the complimentary bread as I did. But I must defend myself. Firstly, I was starving and secondly, that is some really good bread! Not to mention, shortly after, I dropped an entire glass of H20 on myself and had to move to another table. LOVELY.

I ordered a crab cake sandwich that was coupled with super skinny french fries that were so so delicious! I have to say, I really enjoyed my meal. The portion was a little on the larger side but the tastes were just right. I enjoyed eating American cuisine after a long time.

As far as service is concerned, I was pretty impressed considering that The Oceanaire is a franchise. Usually with franchises, such as Legal Seafood, don't care too too much about their clients' happiness - I like to call that kind of service Cheesecake Factory Service. But The Oceanaire proved me wrong. Our waitress who was dressed from head to toe like a seafood chef was very accommodating and patient. Overall, I think The Oceanaire is a great restaurant providing a lovely atmosphere, delicious food, and stellar service! Ciao...xoxo

Theme Song: Rock the Boar by Aaliyah


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