5 Napkin Burger, Back Bay

Guest Blogger: Bennett Himmel

Hi I'm Bennett Rapz and I've got 3 words, I LOVE FOOD.

First things first, the food. 5 Napkin Burger serves good ole' American comfort food. For lunch this afternoon, I ordered the hamburger from the kid's menu. Be warned it's very big and difificult to fit in your mouth. But thankfully my mom cut it up like a pizza which made it a lot more enjoyable to eat. The french fries were DELICIOUS! Flower ordered the veggie burger with a side of sweet potato fries. We all agreed that the sweet potato fries were not fully cooked. She and I both like salty foods. She found her veggie burger to be extremely heavy on beets so our waiter was kind enough to switch her burger for a simple, delicious grilled cheese. My mom ordered scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese - not as exciting as our food.

Now, as far as reservations are concerned, I find it odd that we had to make a reservation for a burger joint. The decorations are very cool. It makes the restaurant chic in a really fancy way. I like how the restaurant is located in the Prudential Center very close to Pinkberry so that I can get something sweet after my burger. If you are more of a chocolate person, you can also go to the Godiva store in the mall. The music makes me feel bored but due to the chic look, I'd be happy to come here again. My mom seemed to enjoy the oldies music. I was hoping to hear more electro music... oh well. Don't forget to check out my blog www.yumstuff.blogspot.com where I talk about delicious eats and the opposite! Hope you enjoyed the post.

Peace out
Bennett Rapz

Theme Song: Crash Your Party by Karmin


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