The Crooked Knife, Midtown East

Tuesday night, an old friend of mine and I went to The Crooked Knife located on 29 E 30th St in Midtown.

The first thing I noticed about this restaurant once I entered was the interesting decor. Brick walls were garnished with random picture frames all bunched up together. Assorted colored lamps all over. Bookshelves with random books placed on them. For some reason, I felt like I was in London circa 1920.

Anyway, I was extremely looking forward to my time spent because of the live jazz music on Tuesday nights. It was so lovely sipping on my Pinot Grigio while I listened to some of my favorite jazz pieces live. [But they only played for 1 hour! Ugh.] Now, the negatives. The complimentary bread we were given to nibble on while we drank was so stale! I know, I know - it's free but that does not mean it should be as hard as a rock! Almost chipped my front teeth biting into it. Maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't be eating bread anyway...

Secondly, my friend who ordered a "well-done" hamburger ended of struggling to eat a completely burnt burger. Yikes! The waitresses were kind of aloof and not really trying to make us feel welcome. Anyway, if I ever come back here it will simply be for the jazz and living room-like atmosphere.


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