NYX Cosmetics 12 Hour 12th Anniversary Sale = EPIC FAIL

Thanks to invasive Facebook advertisements, I came to know about NYX Cosmetics 12 hour, 12th anniversary sale which was supposed to run today, Sunday May 15th, from 12pm-12am. Allegedly, products were retailed at 95% off and you could purchase make up for as low as $1.20.

I am no make up connoisseur but am usually particular about which brands of make up I wear. However, I could not not take advantage of this amazing sale! Just like all the other girls, actually maybe guys too, I waited by my computer so I could buy at least one thing without something getting sold out.

Clearly, NYX Cosmetics completely underestimated how many people would take advantage of this exclusive online sale. The server crashed at 12:01 pm, merely a minute after the sale began. Yeah, I was annoyed but holy moly, you should go to the Facebook fan page to see how angry some people are. Poor crisis communications on NYX Cosmetics' end as the server is still down and the company is making empty promises to its customers on the FB page.

Considering that there are over 50,000 fans on FB for NYX, they might want to be a little more well prepared for their next sale. I hope they are going to somehow make up for their foolishness. Anyway, hope everyone had a rocking weekend and has a great work week. It will be raining all week... wonderful. Ciao


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