Dali Restaurant, Somerville

(The waiter asked us what the occasion was, one of the girls I was with mentioned graduation. Of course, they thought it was me celebrating, turned all the lights off, made me wear this hat made of plastic vines and sang to me. Embarrassing.)

Last night, I went for some Tapas delights at Dali in Somerville. I had heard this place was pretty happening, but I had no idea that it was THAT happening.

We arrived at what seemed to be a little restaurant at the corner around 8:30. When you enter, you are automatically transported to a different country. After 5 minutes of being there, I forgot that I was in Boston. They played my favorite Shakira tracks real loudly, the waiters and bartenders were all dressed in Latin American garb, and the place was packed! We waited an hour to be seated... oye vey.

When I say that the wait was worth it, I mean it. Everyone knows I am an impatient little bitch but my girlfriend kept reassuring me that the food was going to make me forget about waiting and boy was she right. We ordered stuffed chicken breasts in asparagus sauce, grilled potatoes, some goat cheese dish, and paella. Yummy yum yum!

The place itself is so colourful and ornate. Every corner is so detailed and decorated. The host of the restaurant was also absolutely hysterical. He made sure to continuously flirt with all of us while we were waiting for our table probably so we wouldn't get pissed off LOL.

Anyway, though I am not really that crazy about Tapas , I do highly recommend this adorable little place for the food, atmosphere, drinks, and energy! Only downside, long wait but that only means that the restaurant is that good. Ciao bellas

PS. I am pretty sure this is owned by the same people who own Tapeo...

Theme Song: Loca by Shakira


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