Salon 10, Newbury Street

When I learned that I'm likely going to lose it all, I became completely devastated and immediately ran to Saks to buy myself a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Naturally, right? #typical - I'm such a girl.


This past weekend, I experienced what we call in my world a bit of a "relapse". Despite all the infusions, immunosuppressants & Satan's tic tacs I've been religiously force-feeding myself, my condition does not, under any circumstances, want to stabilize. 

This lead to a conversation about switching my chemo drug to something more powerful and hopefully effective, but not without side effects. The day I'd been having nightmares about since chemo started finally became a reality: I'm going to lose my hair. 

Like any other 25 year old female, I was overwhelmed with many feelings that I don't want to bore you with. However, after I bought my snazzy shoes and had time to absorb the new information, I decided this could be as fun as I make it - I could rock a different hairstyle with radical colors depending on my mood!

Through a friend, I learned about Salon 10 on Newbury Street. I scheduled a consultation with Patricia, the adorable owner with the most gentle demeanor, who has a stellar collection of wigs and routinely works with oncology patients. She is an expert on transitioning patients in and out of hair loss. I'd been dreading this appointment all week for fear that I'd have a mental breakdown but it actually turned out to be a really enjoyable experience. 

Patricia spent and hour and a half with me, taking the time to understand me, my needs, and what I'm comfortable with [and that my friends, would be edgy LOL] She was incredibly informative about styles, color, texture, care etc. She even let my friend try on some wigs for fun! Patricia has also founded a non-profit organization - Wigs for Well-Being which graciously donates wigs to those in need!

I know when its time, things won't be easy but I'm so happy I met Patricia because I'm confident she's going to make one of the most challenging periods of my life as seamless as possible. I'm anticipating days when I'll really miss my hair, but ya know what, it'll grow back and in the interim, I'm going to enjoy sporting all kinds of looks!  Plus, I've heard your hair grows back even more beautifully - something to look forward to next year<3

PS.  I'm not afraid of going bald anymore - You'll find me decked out with an Alexander McQueen scarf delicately wrapped around my head, obnoxiously fab earrings and Ruby Woo lipstick. Ciao xx

**If you or anyone you know is suffering from hair loss due to imminent chemotherapy, please explore your options - there are many insurance plans that will cover a portion of the cost for wigs**


  1. What chemotherapy are your doctors doing to make you lose your hair? Cytoxan and Rituximab causes hair thinning and makes it look like clumps falling out, but not losing it? Also, how many treatments will you be receiving total per year?


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