Boiling Down Happiness

This week, Earth lost an incredible woman but the heavens gained the most cheerful angel. I dedicate this post to Cheryl Venezia - a beautiful, effervescent, and most importantly, one of the happiest people who I feel lucky to have known and learned from


Between undergoing arduous treatments, starting a foundation, my sister's philanthropic trip to Tanzania, and now coping with the tragic death of a friend, these past few months have had me really thinking about what happiness actually equates to. 

My view on happiness has drastically changed. I used to believe my happiness had a direct correlation with how happening my social life was, my designer shoe collection, the number of admirers I had, etc. Gosh, in retrospect, I feel so silly for thinking this way but that's all I knew. Such is life - you live and learn.

Up until recently, I would feel pangs of physical pain in my chest when I'd come across pictures of myself before NMO - it was unbearable and torturous to see. I looked so happy, care-free, and naive; my smile was different then it is now. I'd see those pictures and feel self-pity because that Sumaira was clueless as to what was coming her way. For a long time, I wanted to go back in time and tell my old self to embrace every day because of the unimaginable I was about to face. I wanted to tell myself that I had it so good and to enjoy it because things would never be the same. 

June 29, 2014 - The last day before symptoms presented themselves

Today, I want to go back and tell myself that yes, your life is about to change, you're going to go endure some nightmarish times, things will be difficult, but you're about to board one helluva journey that's going to open doors and amazing opportunities, introduce you to incredible people, and teach you about life, happiness, and whats' truly important. 

I'm a happier person now than I was before I got sick. I'm happy to be alive, walking, and to have one good eye. I'm grateful for my support system who reinforce optimism and happiness. Being able to help others through my foundation brings me inexplicable joy. Jazz and chicken wings (especially together) take me to a very rosy place. Some would argue that it's too bad illness brought me to this outlook but I disagree. Ironically, I'm happy NMO has awakened me and allows me to see things for what they are!

I don't mean to preach but if there's any insight I can pass along it's to make happiness a priority. Live in the moment, be honest, don't waste time, be efficient, laugh hard, love passionately and try to make others feel good while you're at it.

I end this post asking you to take the time to think about 5 things that provide you with priceless happiness. I bet it won't be what your initial thoughts are... xx Flower 


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