5 Horses Tavern, South End

On Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of enjoying drinks and appetizers with my coworkers at 5 Horses Tavern in the South End. I don't really venture out to South End that much so it was certainly a refreshing change. 

I have never seen so many options for beer so beautifully displayed before! I am not a beer drinker whatsoever but I can definitely appreciate the variety offered. Also, I love the chandelier type of thing made out of an assortment of beers - super creative!

We ordered a bunch of wings which were UNREAL. A little expensive in my opinion for wings but nonetheless, really delicious! 

We weren't here for too long so don't have much more to add but it's definitely a cute and cozy place with good service. I bet this place is amazing in the summertime with the outdoor seating right in optimal people-watching location... I recommend! :)

PS. They had some funky, groovy jams blasting! 


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